How do I place two different luminaires types on the same pole?




    1. In the Luminaire Schedule select the New button to add a luminaire.
    2. Select a photometric file that you want for one of the luminaires.
    3. Click the Edit button (hover over the luminaire symbol) to launch the Luminaire Editor
    4. In the Luminaire Editor select the Configuration button and then select a Twin Configuration.
    5. Select OK on the Luminaire Editor to close it
    6. In the Luminaire Schedule, select the + (plus sign) next to the twin luminaire you created. You will see the two luminaires and the associated photometric files in the expanded view.
    7. In the Filename column click the button with the filename of the photometric file you want to change.
    8. The Product Selection dialog will appear and allow you to select a different a photometric file for the selected luminaire.



    Reference ID: 50069 ( 60 )

    Last Updated: 8/9/2013 1:56:17 PM