License FAQ

Internet Based License

Visual employs an internet-based license that will be managed and stored on the Acuity Brands servers. A single Internet License allows you to use Visual on multiple computers, in the office and at home. An Internet License for Visual Lighting 2020 will be an annual subscription service. An annual subscription fee provides one seat of an Internet License that can be shared among multiple users. Companies can purchase additional seats per Internet License if they need multiple users to access the software at the same time. Unlimited technical support and software updates are included for the duration of the subscription period.

Trial Period

If you are new to Visual and would like to learn more about Visual before you purchase a license, you can download Visual and create a new Visual account to activate a 30 day trial of Visual Lighting 2020. During your trial period you will have full access to features of Visual Lighting 2020.

How do I use my 1 seat License on multiple machines?

If you have purchased visual license you will be able to create an activation code for Visual. Use the same activation code on each of your machines. When Visual starts up we will check to see if your license is already in use on another machine.

How do I enter my activation code?

If your version of Visual is out of its trial period and does not already have an activation code, you will automatically be prompted to enter an activation code.

How do I send an activation code to a user?

From your Visual account on this website you can email activation codes to users.

What happens if I don't have an internet connection?

If you run Visual and we are unable to validate your license with our server for 5 days because you do not have an internet connection, you will still be able to open, work on, and save your files, however, you will not be able to export DWG files or print until your license is verified.

I am a student, do you offer student licensing?

Yes, please contact us through our support email address and provide us with a valid student email address and information about your course work and Professor and we will be happy to get you a free 1 year student license which you can renew as long as you are still a student next year.