The Visual Economic Tool has been redesigned based on feedback from Visual customers. The Visual Economic Tool now supports multiple spaces, luminaires and controls per lighting design option. Purchase a Professional license to gain full access.

The new and improved interface is simpler and easier to use. The printed report has been completely redesigned to make it easier to present and explain your financial analysis to your customer. The Visual Economic Tool incorporates the new Visual Cloud services to automatically save your project and eliminate the need to save files to your computer.


The Visual Economic Tool can be used to determine the most economically viable design solution for both new installations and retrofits. Economic analysis is used to weigh the potential monetary values of lighting systems that provide the same quality of light.

  • Divide your project up into multiple spaces
  • Compare design options in each space and project wide
  • Add multiple luminaire types and control types in each design option
  • Save luminaires as favorites, or save whole luminaire schedules
  • Compare any manufacturers products
  • Complete life cycle analysis based on IES RP-31
  • Comprehensive and customizable report generation

Customers using the Visual Economic Tool, can support their design recommendations not only esthetic appeal but by justifying cost savings to the owner. Life cycle cost estimation looks beyond the initial costs, studying the long term benefits of energy and maintenance savings.

Data management

The Economic Tool 2.0 integrates seemlessly with Visual web based file management system. Your files are auotmatically saved each time you make a change, and are always available to you with out having to upload a file. However, we don't hold your data hostage! You may also choose to download your project as a .VETX xml file that you can upload back into the tool next time you use it.


Users who purchase a Professional license gain full access to the Economic Tool feature set. Professional has no limit on the number of luminaires you can include in a project. Professional analysis includes 3 Design Options so users can compare existing HID, to LED and Fluorescent options simultaneously in each space.

  • Compare 2 Design Options to the Baseline Design Option
  • Upload custom print logo
  • Priority Support
  • No Luminaire limit

License Info

The Visual Economic Tool employs an internet-based license that will be managed and stored on the Acuity Brands servers. The license is an annual subscription service. The annual subscription fee provides a single seat License allowing 1 user to use the tool at a time. Companies can purchase additional seats per License, if they need multiple users to access the Economic Tool at the same time. The license administrator will be able to grant, or take away, access to the license using activation codes generated on the account page. Each user of a license will sign in with their own email address. All files created on a license will be shared across all users of the license.

Help Information