Visual Controls
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Visual Controls (8/3/2021)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Fixes:
    • Issues with PDF import
    • Date issues
    • Asynchronous task exception / crashes
    • Luminaire dialog combo bax allowed text incorrectly
Visual Controls (4/28/2021)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Features:
    • Room Summary
    • Search Fuzziness
    • Auto Network improvements
    • Users can hide / unhide audits
    • Reduced Connect Commands to Smart Connect
    • Edit Bridge Ports
    • Export by Phase(s)
    • Schedule Category Edit in Dropdown
    • RF Audits
    • Favorites Editor
    • Change Sensor Location on Luminaires
    • Edit SOO Narratives
    • Different Import Scales
    • Polyline Sensor Clipping
    • Audit Display Mode
    • Users can edit color column in soo
    • Improved print preview
    • Display performance improvement
    • New network port schedule in submittal
Visual Controls (4/28/2021)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Features:
    • Added RF Emulator w/ Autonomous Bridge Functionality
    • Improvements to Support Field Services
      • Services Added to Schedule
      • Startup Calculator
      • Additional Documentation Added to Submittal
    • Updates to Configuration Files Will No Longer Require a New Install
    • Custom Legend Images
    • Custom Images in Legends & Reference Column in Schedule
    • Barcode Template Improved Sorting
    • Air Device ID Similar to Wired
    • SPOOL Wire Length & Calculations
    • New Notes & Details UI
    • New Settings UI
    • nLight Air View Added to Viewports in Print Pages
    • Cables Added to Phases
    • Phases in Output
    • New settings for Auto Risers: You Can Now Generate Risers at a Smaller Scale or Expand Luminaires
    • Added Branding to Submittal
    • Smart Room Code Updates
    • New Mirror Command
    • New Ability to Sort/Group Project Products Sidebar, eg Sort by Catalog
    • International Numbering
    • Metric Units & New Pages Sizes to Support
    • Space Bar Flips Wire in Wire Edit Command
    • Added Ability to Delete Multiple Designs at Once
Visual Controls (2/19/2021) Visual Controls (1/11/2021) Visual Controls (12/07/2020)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Associated work items:
    • Users Can Create "Corrections" in the Audit Window
    • Users can indicate spare qty in a new column in the schedule
    • Users can Add (or Remove) Points to an Existing Polygon, Room, or Zone
    • Users Can Override Smart Connect Wire Type
    • Users Can Edit Shared Properties of Multiple Selections
    • Added Favorites List Editor Interface
    • Added Support for new products: Atrius Enabled, JOT, & Modulus
    • Added Network Device Counts to the Properties Bar
    • Added Tag Wipeouts
    • Added Device Count to NECY Details
    • Added Riser Page Legend / TOC For Easier Navigation of Submittal Packet
    • Added Search to Project Explorer
    • Added Estimate Lengths of Wire Types other than Cat5
    • Added Ability to disconnect a room
    • Redesigned Switch Legs
    • Updated Export UI
    • Updated Autosave & Recovery with New OptionsImproved Notes in Submittal
    • Update text & order of Display panel tree
    • Update nLight Air Update Parking Garage Range to 100'
    • Update RF buttons/legend
    • Updated Schedule ribbons
    • Combined Autoplace by entity and by image into one cmd
    • Improve sorting of autogenerated air risers
    • Minor improvements to ID sorting, automatic IDs, and cleanup routines
    • Add new favorites group as subgroup of selected node
    • investigate if scene clear in print designer is causing null refs during print commands like what was happening in layout on display change
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed: Highlight and selection do not always line up
    • Fixed: Connection Rules don't Copy when copying a product
    • Fixed: product search doesn't match theme
    • Fixed: Changing theme on initial Start backstage throws exception
    • Fixed: Products tab disappears on theme change.
    • Fixed: Dropdown menus in dark mode not showing values until highlighted
    • Fixed: BOM sorting
    • Fixed: Issue with printing Design Page
    • Fixed: trying to set all the room materials while in rf view leads to an app crash
    • Fixed: Room not stopping all sensor patterns
    • Fixed: remove line breaks from labels in agile xml
    • Fixed: Zone tags very offset
    • Fixed: Error when adding rooms to Air Network
    • Fixed: Clicking circles is difficult and often chooses the background
    • Fixed: Moving symbols via dragging does not work when zoomed far in
    • Fixed: error when opening files after updating VC to
    • Fixed: Submittal Project Notes not saving
    • Fixed: Room names not showing up for bridge risers
    • Fixed: room layer bug
    • Fixed: cross connect bug for connecting devices
    • Fixed: cross connect labels
    • Fixed: comments
    • Fixed: double open when opening blank project
    • Fixed: unable to open file, stack overflow exception in riser count generation
    • Fixed: null ref in product property
    • Fixed: error opening submittal
    • Fixed: exception during erase
    • Fixed: null ref in add luminaire form
    • Fixed: Changing homerun layer or pages changes what NECY a devices is connected to
    • Fixed: Changing Wire Length Multiplier does not stick
    • Fixed: Cross Design - Copied Design is not connecting nECY devices
    • Fixed: Open - Error happens when opening file
Visual Controls (09/09/2020)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Associated work items:
    • Users May Group by Phase
    • Improved / Filtered Product Selection
    • New Command: Automatically Network All
    • Global Layers
    • New PDF Import Window Makes Page Selection Easier
    • PDF Import Packet Append Option
    • Fly-out Windows for SOO, Panel Schedule, etc
    • Connection Rules Window Improvements
    • export barcode template data to csv
    • Updates to Import / Export SOO with Methodik from Feedback
    • Create Smart Room Configuration
    • Smart Room Improvements
    • Reduce File Size Improvements
    • BOM Creation for Zones on Multiple Designs
    • Go To Riser Page Quickly from Design
    • Automatically add details based on products in project
    • Modulus Enabled + Jumper Cable Support
    • Wincove Jumper Connection Support
    • Add JOT Support
    • Add Details files
    • Add side by side snap to ctrl c ctrl v of a single product
    • Add Toggle for Side-to-Side Snapping
    • Use standard icon for remove template
    • Change view manager order
    • Delete Template Button Location Change
    • Change bus power provided for NEF’s
    • nECY Audit Change
    • Ability to change multiple widths and text size of notes at the same times
    • Ability to remove Cutsheet from Product in Schedule
    • Folders for Favorites
    • Remember Tab Positions
    • Rename "Custom Note" to "Custom Detail"
    • SOO Notes Print below SOO Table w/ Note ID to reference from table
    • When changing the notes text size the width of container should not change
    • support CIPGW products
    • update cipgw detail
    • Update import/export for Methodik changes
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Issue with side to side snap of air enabled products
    • New items added to properties have miscolored background
    • Extra vertical space in air auto riser placement
    • Device ID and zone tag not populating in barcode template
    • nethsw should force itself to top off connection structure, not allow itself to be 'below' a necy
    • Riser Issues
    • When multiple air riser rooms are combined the lums can end up with multiple qty () and not fully condensed
    • Issues with creating a luminaire
    • Exporting to XML/Excel sorted by both phase and catalog loses the catalog sorting
    • Don't read or write rf if its not enabled
    • Fixed: null ref in addluminaire form
    • Fixed: null ref in copy layer source
    • Fixed: null ref in riser lookup generate
    • Fixed: view manager string to number error
    • Fixed: Right Click Layer Show/Hide not working
    • Fixed: Import multiple PDFs import out of order
    • Fixed: Unchecking "spec sheet for each catalog" creates duplicates
    • Fixed: cant import 2-column relay panel after edit in excel
    • Fixed: multi design legends don't condense qty correctly
    • Fixed: network riser issues
    • Fixed: Duplicate Risers
    • Fixed: if the users schedule loads with the fallback, automatically reset the connection info on the products
    • Fixed: if you place an nADR it gets necy auto tag rule
    • Fixed: Deselecting SYMBOL from update info doesn't update connection rules
    • Fixed: img search doesnt get locations right if img has scale != 1
    • Fixed: SOO Timeclock Change
    • Fixed: dont give run not connected to bridge audit for NDTC runs
    • Fixed: dwg export fails on large file
    • Fixed: Auto Riser Placement
    • Fixed: if a user doesn't have any soo configurations defined, don't warn of rooms with unassigned soo
    • Fixed: DWG exported background image shift
Visual Controls (07/20/2020)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Associated work items:
    • Update Design Backgrounds and Cloud Changes in Images with New Replace Backgrounds Command
    • Cycle Backgrounds Command Makes it Easy to Switch Between Original and Revised Backgrounds
    • Automatically Place Luminaires or Controls by Searching for Image in your Background with New By Image Auto Place Command
    • Quickly Define New Luminaires with New Add Luminaire Workflow
    • Improved Barcode Template with Sort & Product Images Improved Product ID System Allows Users to Renumber by Connections, Room, or Location
    • Copy/Paste & Import Panel Schedule
    • Users Can Color Code Risers
    • Set Symbol Text Color from Schedule
    • New SOO Columns & Audits
    • Add Room Area to SOO
    • Indicate Out of Scope Areas on Plan
    • ECYVAV Product Connection Rules
    • Updates to Schedule UI
    • Update Notes in Schedule
    • Methodik SOO Import
    • Page Sizes can be set per page
    • Grab Handles for Scaling Print Items
    • Improved Product Properties
    • Favorites Can Be Renamed
    • Add Pan Command
    • Static Label Text Reduces Confusion About State
    • Room Height Stored Per Room as Prerequisite for RF Signal Estimation
    • Smart Connect Now Supports Cross-Design
    • Performance Improvements to Audits
    • Add Rectangle to Smart Room
    • Improved Riser Page Naming
    • Improved Status Bar Text
    • Updates to Display Mode Color Selection Allow Users to Customize & Save Preferences
    • Updated Some Old Button Images
    • UI - Improved / Filtered Product Selection for Distributors
    • Improve image search tolerance slider ux
    • Users can edit luminaires from product sidebar allow users to re open the add luminaire form on schedule to change sensor pattern
    • Fixed: exception when closing out of By Image Auto Place Dialog
    • Fixed: Labels printing outside symbols
    • Fixed: No focus on Room name when starting room command
    • Fixed: nECYD interferes with ID# in riser
    • Fixed: Add Luminaire does not add riser for nLight Air ** Fixed: Wire Legend on print sheet not showing user defined color
    • Fixed: Ability for image search to ignore placing new blocks that would overlap existing blocks
    • Fixed: viewport grab handles don't seem right when a viewport is cropped
    • Fixed: not refreshing layer panel when connect command creates a layer
    • Fixed: Using "Blank" image on Auto Place causes issues
    • Fixed: replace backgrounds not showing failed messages if there is only 1 message
    • Fixed: "not all pages of the pdf could be imported" message with replace backgrounds
    • Fixed: don't read or write rf if its not enabled
    • Fixed: Unchecking "spec sheet for each catalog" creates duplicates
    • Fixed: multi design legends don't condense qty correctly
    • Fixed: Drawing Scale issue in Pages
    • Fixed: Changing Scale of Print Page plan does not stick through Properties
Visual Controls (06/01/2020)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Associated work items:
    • Fixed: Ping for online status fails
    • Fixed: Wire length not showing up on wire legend
    • Fixed: null ref in spline deepcopy
    • Fixed: SOO Room Assignments are broken
    • Fixed: Visual Controls opening screen has a typo
Visual Controls (05/18/2020)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Notes:
    • Installs "Side-by-Side" with previous versions in order to allow beta testing without risking down time if an issue is encountered
    • While projects from older versions will open in this version, many of the following updates are incompatible with previous versions. Therefore data associated with them will not be loaded when opened in an older version, and will be lost when saved in an older version.
      • ex: Product Rules will be lost, but can be regenerated by refreshing from the Schedule.
  • Associated work items:
    • Add SOO Assignment window
    • Improved SOO Generation Logic
    • Add Ways for Users to Merge SOO Configurations
    • Provide CAT5 Ethernet & CAT5 nLight Wire Types
    • Add Import Project
    • Improved Audit UI
    • Add Newsfeed
    • Add Smart Connect Command
    • Add Smart Room Command
    • Change Layers tab to Display
    • Add Display Modes to Display tab for various workflows & QA & for output in Print pages
    • Improved Print Environment Design Context by allowing multiple designs, combined Legend, Risers, and multiple Viewports including display modes
    • Add Quickly Swap Symbols from Favorites
    • Removed "Save" step from SOO, Switch, & Panel Schedule
    • Add bulk refresh favorites groups
    • Added support for more products including necyd ext 150
    • Improved Riser Logic
    • Improved Perpendicular Snap
    • Improved Submittal UI
    • Improved Visual Lighting interoperability
    • Add Last View button
    • Various UI tweaks
    • Various bug fixes
  • Minor Changes since last beta build released:
    • Fixed - failed getting img width in ribbon, after replace all with favorites
    • Fixed - index out of range in risers control
    • Fixed - Can't connect nECY to nECY with Cat5 ethernet in 1.6.0
    • Installer - Improve Side-by-Side by Using Major.Minor subfolders
    • Smart Room Recommendation Changes
    • Add new Favorites to Defaults
    • Add rPP8 Connection Rules
Visual Controls (04/21/2020)
  • Introduction
  • User Guide

  • Notes:
    • Installs "Side-by-Side" with previous versions in order to allow beta testing without risking down time if an issue is encountered
    • While projects from older versions will open in this version, many of the following updates are incompatible with previous versions. Therefore data associated with them will not be loaded when opened in an older version, and will be lost when saved in an older version.
      • ex: Product Rules will be lost, but can be regenerated by refreshing from the Schedule.
  • Associated work items:
    • Add SOO Assignment window
    • Improved SOO Generation Logic
    • Add Ways for Users to Merge SOO Configurations
    • Provide CAT5 Ethernet & CAT5 nLight Wire Types
    • Add Import Project
    • Improved Audit UI
    • Add Newsfeed
    • Add Smart Connect Command
    • Add Smart Room Command
    • Change Layers tab to Display
    • Add Display Modes to Display tab for various workflows & QA & for output in Print pages
    • Improved Print Environment Design Context by allowing multiple designs, combined Legend, Risers, and multiple Viewports including display modes
    • Add Quickly Swap Symbols from Favorites
    • Removed "Save" step from SOO, Switch, & Panel Schedule
    • Add bulk refresh favorites groups
    • Added support for more products including necyd ext 150
    • Improved Riser Logic
    • Improved Perpendicular Snap
    • Improved Submittal UI
    • Improved Visual Lighting interoperability
    • Add Last View button
    • Various UI tweaks
    • Various bug fixes
Visual Controls (03/09/2020)
  1. Improvements:
    • Updated product symbols with enhanced customization
    • New symbols in PDM
    • New options for display name / label
    • Color fill
    • Updated Favorites UI
    • Combined w/ Products window
    • Combines Search
    • Minor tweaks to hotkey & sort
    • Hide hotkeys
    • Improved Riser diagrams
    • Improved button / nav
    • Cleaned up some display issues
    • Explode risers
    • Improved autogenerate to track what’s already generated
    • User feedback on autogenerated risers vs manual / edited riser pages (lock icon)
    • New Riser audit: ensure all possible have been placed
    • Enhanced Submittal UI with page previews
    • Moved to 64-bit architecture to increase available memory, high resolution PDF files and larger projects
    • Updated Project Explorer w/ Autogen print page
    • New design context selection process
    • Improved autoconnect
    • New message bar above design space
    • Adjustable size of images in Product Legend & Product Selection window
  2. Fixes:
    • Add ability to delete Favorites groups 230316
    • Add ability to remove item from Project from Products tab 230311
    • Add necyd ext150 detail 236135
    • Add new hidden setting to override the offline check 243793
    • Additional Print Pages added 235487
    • Allow users to multi select when selecting customize riser page 236142
    • Attribute text should always be black or symbol color, contrast dark background ends up invisible over pdf 236032
    • attributes missing their wipeout 238034
    • Audit can be very slow if there are hundreds of rooms and thousands of products 231685
    • Audit is not in Design order 230357
    • blocks go missing after move 216235
    • btn img exception after changing block style 233026
    • copied bridge connection gets assigned the wrong node id 238744
    • Copy design can create the same name 234837
    • copying a bunch of rooms can lead to preview entities hanging around 236112
    • Customize Riser removes visible product association with Design 235601
    • exception after editing a riser block when i return to layout 238769
    • exception when placing a brg quickly in a new project 242287
    • extra text at bottom left of print pages, possibly related to legend s when product name lbls are used 236339
    • if you change to product name style and add a new design, that design uses label style 231227
    • Image Fade throwing a handled exception 235510
    • improve behavior when placing favorites in to a layout that is product name
    • india image download issue 237655
    • latest necy ext150 details 238445
    • layers wrong in blank project template 240285
    • Luminaire Place does not remember set Orientation = 90 235896
    • multi child node undo issue 237915
    • orphaned run audit doesn't catch anything when there are no rooms 232650
    • pages icon, lock icon position 232630
    • pdf is being downloaded to a nested dir instead of project product dir 239418
    • Possible to remove luminaires from Products tab 230656
    • Product names and labels both displayed after editing symbol 230753
    • products getting 0-10 dimming connectivity by mistake 234401
    • Refresh All in Schedule - Program Crash 241241
    • Re-writing over favorites file causes error 230662
    • Selected command not cleared when symbol designer is closed 231194
    • Selected objects aren't cleared when symbol edit designer is closed 230307
    • smart connect ignoring end run logic on necy->ext150->necyd 240095
    • some products don't seem to get their linked pdfs filled out initially 242989
    • some times a product insert isn't selectable immediately after placement 235662
    • Symbol defaults to label, not product name 228469
    • symbol previews don't look right 230674
    • text click click doesn't open edit window 237447
    • unable to delete local copy of file 230820
    • undo bug with connections when part of the connection could not be made 238135
    • Undo problems with nearest neighbor
    • undoing a copy that creates a bridge tag nukes part of connection tree 238847
    • Update Audit Rules for New Products 230693
    • Update Branding 230336
    • Update CAD Note for nECY 235268
    • VB location in Panel Schedule 232580
    • VC file gives exceptions when opening print pages 231846
    • Version error when creating a new blank project
Visual Controls (11/4/2019)
  1. Hot Fixes
    • Resolve issue with exception thrown while a opening autosave file
    • Revert connect undo/redo process until we can resolve its issues
Visual Controls (8/14/2019)
  1. Fixes
    • Exception when user right click repeats network connect cmd. Adjust Port labels on NECY riser.
Visual Controls (8/1/2019)
  1. Notes:
    • To get the new submittal format with the Common Pages section you may have to update your saved templates. Just open your old template and hit Reset in the first submittal column and then save it as a template again. If you open an existing project and save it, it should still work in older versions. If you reset your submittal and then save it, the submittal will be missing pages in older versions.
  2. Features:
    • Revamp submittal creation to include previews
    • Add area property for background rectangles and closed lines
    • Detect symbol color and apply to sensor pattern linework
    • Added cmds to crop imported image/pdf backgrounds in layout
    • Add properties display to every command to make it more clear when you are in a command (still cleaning up display command names)
  3. Fixes
    • Change lock files to throw warnings if the lock file was written by current user (how it was)
    • Nlight air connection button bug fixes
    • Theme fixes
    • Relay panel bug fixes
    • CAT5 now gets DIVMFG attribute in agile xml
    • Erase and Rotate bugs in print designer
    • Null exception in openGL resize/unhook events
    • Properties flashed on update
    • Circle and Arc properties missing in symbol designer
    • Null ref when changing line time in symbol designer
    • Design copy doesn't copy zones
    • Stretch cmd can throw exception for index out of range
    • Zone btn can become out of sync
    • Bug fixes for room labels
    • Copying a product with assigned switch plate does not copy switch plate assignment
    • Rotate on placement toggle would not always work / rapid fire if ctrl key held
    • Missing undo for text edit
    • Wire not snapping to products during connect preview
    • Schedule notes toggle could become out of sync
    • Product label style product symbols missing wipeout in pdf
Visual Controls (6/17/2019)
  1. Notes:
    • This release of the Visual Controls software includes a licensing process similar to the Visual Lighting software. The first time you run this new release, you will now be prompted to enter an Activation Code. Get Activation Code To retrieve your Activation Code, you can select “Get Activation Code” from the Activation screen or login to your Visual account on the Visual website at to Copy the Activation Code into the Activation screen and select Active to complete one-time activation process.
    • Backwards Compatibility
      1. If you save a file in this version and then go back to we are not aware of any problems with the file not opening. If you have changed the block style in a file you saved in 1.4.2 you will not be able to change the block style back in easily, however you could refresh the symbols using Update Info in the schedule to return them to OS1 style. The only other issue might be before if you have rings and beams on, it can only be one or the other in and prior.
  2. Features:
    1. New license model does not require AGILE login (see above)
    2. All new pdf rasterizer for better speed and quality of rasterization
    3. Ability to change block appearance to show product label "cad style blocks". This only works on blocks that have been updated. So your saved favorites may need to be updated to work. We are updating the last the nlight blocks in the database this week (nPP and nCM series are in progress). The nWSX series for example is updated. So place a nWSX. In the view ribbon expand the Label button, and select 'Product Name' and you should see "n$X" style text.
    4. Changed position of catalog/lbl on products in risers
    5. Ability to turn on rings and or "beam" patterns
    6. Improving property panel field sizing
    7. Improve room assignment grid column sizing
    8. Enable bold or italic fonts
    9. Update icons and positions
    10. Avoid horizontal scroll bar in project explorer
    11. Add font height adjustment on text edit window
    12. Can change print page size on print designer
    13. Add custom scale option for symbols
    14. Remove text from product symbol in products sidebar
    15. Set a minimum width for side panels to prevent them from being set too small
  3. Fixes (Issues resolved):
    1. Connection tags not updating when font height changes
    2. Changing page size in backstage print doesn't update preview or change page sizes
    3. SOO add column Name text issue
    4. Text resizing box can jump around
    5. Hide quick access toolbar
    6. Null ref exception after cell edit in layer manager
    7. Error when exporting cad, null string in block attribute
    8. Null ref exception when activating print page
    9. Possible to get index out of range when creating print pages on CPU with 4+ cores
    10. Project explorer can leave space at the top
    11. WSX does not have a line voltage connection * Error on custom xml export
    12. Ring height labels disappear during room clipping
    13. Default zone numbering/lettering could repeat
    14. Exception changing note text in a new row of ZOO
    15. nLight Air risers would not show tag/zone attributes
    16. Old debug files get installed
    17. Coverage patterns could only export from print page, not layouts
    18. Remove bad rooms from files eg 1 vertex
    19. Room clipping does not update if nearby rooms are edited
    20. Submittal would not show SOO grid in supplemental section
    21. Submittal could create duplicate pages in pdf that user could not remove except via reset
    22. Copying sensor with coverage patterns could cause blocks to drop off
    23. Issues with undo redo after copy
    24. Preview of symbol doesn't update if you open symbol designer using pencil, but does on double click
    25. Fix bridge tag scaling when scaling a whole design with scale cmds
    26. Connectivity properties window can show out of date information if you open it right after an edit
    27. Bridge tag can disappear if you move it, undo, redo
    28. Image import dialog open file cancel causes exception
    29. Editing a SOO row cell and pressing enter doesn't update the notes section
    30. After deleting a room lbl, you can get it to reappear as an un-selectable entity
    31. Scale undo, redo causes wires to disappear
    32. Fix font color for bold & italic when in dark theme
    33. Sensor pattern problems
    34. Multiple issues with Zone labels
    35. Symbols disappear when connecting bridges
    36. Mouse hover over import image causes ghost effect
    37. Arrow keyboard shortcut
    38. PDF / Image importer problems
    39. Drag & Drop image not working properly
    40. Schedule refresh broken after copy command

Visual Controls (5/28/2019)
  1. Fixes (Issues resolved):
    1. Users with intel graphics cards with driver version 24+ cannot see line work
    2. Submittal reset hides print pages with SOO grids from being included in supplemental page section
    3. Room name field gets focus during room command to make it easier to type in a room name during cmd
    4. Update nECYD radio range dialog

Visual Controls (5/9/2019)
  1. Notes:
    • This setup for Visual Controls includes an updated OpenGL display engine that is optimized to improve performance on most video cards (Intel, Nvidia, AMD). Devices with certain integrated Intel video cards may be running a video driver which Intel has identified to cause issues with certain software applications. This video driver may have been updated on your computer during a recent Windows update. If your computer is experience graphical issues, the current solution is to rollback your video driver to an older version (see link below) or install a previous version of Visual Controls.
    • Instructions to set dedicated video card as preferred video card
    • Instructions to rollback the Intel Video Driver
    • Previous release of Visual Controls
  2. Features:
    1. Add Arrow Command
    2. Update opengl engine to 2.0 (reduces memory overhead)
    3. Allow users to add words to the spell check dictionary
    4. Click and drag move adds product's initial basepoint as a reference point for the move
    5. Improve ability to align during place of a new product to products already placed
    6. Allow users to increase the network size used in necy audit
    7. Title block now saved per project, we no longer install default acuity logo
    8. Product Legend image / submittal cover image now a project setting
    9. DWG export to include wipeout for symbols
    10. DWG export to include line weights
    11. Revised view ribbon button layout
    12. Users can now turn on coverage ‘beams’ and rings at the same time
    13. Allow users to make zone outlines with no products within it
    14. Automatically turn on zone attribute visibility when you make your first zone by selection
    15. Zone attribute now defaults above product instead of below, naming now 'a,b,c' format
    16. Added auto connect to the home ribbon connect button
    17. Make the detail number wrap if its more than 5 characters
    18. Removed room dialog after room creation, you can now set the room SOO type during the room cmd in properties (could always set its name)
    19. Removed recents from products side panel, you can bring them back in settings
    20. Default to show the symbol in the products side panel instead of images, also a setting
    21. Reduced the size of undo (may help speed of large projects)
    22. Show saved label in favorites side panel
    23. Updated fresco partition sensor detail
    24. Changed default room thickness to 4, default zone thickness to 2
    25. Updated submittal page selection ui
    26. Easier to click sub menu of ribbon buttons
  3. Fixes (Issues resolved):
    1. Reduce overhead on initial draw after a dwg import
    2. Fix gdi arrows
    3. Wire legends only show wires for one side of a cross connect
    4. Should not be able to connect a luminaire to be the parent of a brg
    5. Cannot set Columns in nLight Air Riser to "1"
    6. Show/export agile wire lengths grouped by design
    7. Cross Design and Bridge Connection Wire Length do not follow arrow
    8. NRM10 missing some of its corners when imported
    9. Revise how we handle block definitions to reduce duplication in display memory
    10. Fast preview ability when moving blocks with a lot of entities or large images
    11. If soo is open when you change themes and you try to return to it its blank or you get an error
    12. Fresco connection rules, network connection and riser
    13. Toggle state on a dwg child layer, when layer mgr refreshes the dwg parent layer collapses and you have to re expand
    14. Snap is on the first time you go to print page in opened file
    15. Add import source to agile xml file
    16. Erase cable with wire lengths on
    17. Odd sensor pattern clipping lines
    18. Auto riser dropdown closes itself when you hover over to try and change the number of columns
    19. Undo command during Connect command
    20. Grid snap setting is preserved between layouts but going to print page can turn it off
    21. Don't include non-nlight products in submittal barcode template
    22. Text with alignments other than top left have odd behavior during edit text
    23. Text should not list a line style in its properties
    24. Double clicking the splash screen maximizes it
    25. Exception if undo performed after creating/editing a zone
    26. Did not allow sign in for three letter agile names
    27. Null exception during place and orient preview entity creation
    28. Bad font height string leads to exception
    29. Base symbol line work loses its thickness during coverage outline trimming
    30. Possible for backgrounds to show over coverage outlines
    31. Errant audit message for the nethsw
    32. Possible for a property change to reset zone thickness
    33. Possible for the coverage buttons to get out of sync
    34. Placing a wire legend when there are no wires causes an exception
    35. Save as can leave behind a .lck file
    36. Prevent line thickness less than 1
    37. Changing product to already placed product
    38. Null ref in sensor pattern mgr determine ring
    39. Remove line break in favorites labels when they are displayed
    40. User gets null ref when creating text
    41. Index out of range during line edit cmd
    42. Missing theme for table layout panel
    43. Fix issue where cross design connect tags could reverse
    44. Add default sorting to SOO
    45. DWG export shows small text on riser
    46. Fix extra lines getting exported to dwg in Blocks (most noticeable on note blocks)
    47. Textbox resizing is very slow when there is just one text entity
    48. Fix block def missing issue that can cause visual display exception
    49. Update display to .88
    50. Improvements for importing Visual Lighting bin file
    51. Add partial draws to visual .bin import to improve feedback for large bin files
    52. Fix null reference during auto connect

Visual Controls (2/20/2019)
  1. Fixes:
    1. Exception when opening an auto-generated layout page can occur when template page has lines/text on it (entities besides legends/viewports)
    2. Print pages can drop background images when printed on computers with lots of CPU cores

Visual Controls (12/04/2018)
  1. Features:
    1. Allow import all pages to use the scale factor drop down setting 186381
    2. Barcode instructions detail 186208
    3. Ability to place nlight air room risers 183837
    4. Ability to place stand alone nlight air risers 186009
    5. Ability to expand luminaires in risers 184707
    6. Ability to set default number of columns during auto riser generation 184708
    7. Add additional SSI cad details 185310
    8. Update IT Requirements form 184024
    9. Lock file ignored if it was created by the current user 181704
    10. Add import all pages to Import Dialog, remove Packet from Import menu 182590
    11. Allow drag and drop to trigger import 183684
    12. Update CAT5 ISO lbl logic to give IS lbl 183505
    13. Update buspower audit calcs to account for iso killing bus power 183507
    14. CAT5 length calculation better accounts for trips down to switches and back up to the ceiling
    15. Add service warranty document to submittal list
  2. Fixes:
    1. Autosave removes revisions added 186765
    2. Exporting all layouts clears project isdirty flag
    3. Autosave can clear is dirty flag
    4. Items added to drawn zone not added to drawn zone 185840
    5. When you close a design forcing controls to activate another designer the tab bar doesn't match active design 183365
    6. Rotate WSX PDT XX with patterns on crashes VC 185594
    7. Rotate wsx pdt with patterns on lbl moves out of block 185719
    8. Necyd rings now shows min/max rings 184913
    9. Grid snap setting is preserved between layouts but going to print page can turn it off 181608
    10. Possible to get project name on schedule node in project explorer 184504
    11. DWG export with rotated XREF 184532
    12. Wire length labels aren't 'smart' if you save and reopen 184558
    13. Initial SOO row does not keep notes 183611
    14. Import PDF Packet does not trigger IsDirty save flag 182060
    15. Null Ref Exception when Moving Pages Around in Project Tree 183125
    16. Error opening file due to null ref in sensor clipping 183247
    17. Add manifest to improve windows reporting 183216
    18. Top of soo form says panel instead of 'sequence of operations' 184283
    19. Copy paste error in project save checks for fav mgr null on soo mgr save 183255
    20. Unable to parse license datetime when lic result has null date 183305
    21. If you do a pdf packet import twice, design names can repeat 183683
    22. Multi page import: vector pdf always seems to drop one page, maybe the last one processed 183763
    23. Update icons used in favorites sidebar 181042
    24. Update connectivity json so CAT5 ISO gets nlight and 1 connection 183506
    25. Add edit symbol button to schedule to make it more obvious that you can launch symbol editor 180892
    26. Bring main form to front when load complete 180988
    27. Room clips blocks that overlap edge in pdf 181603
    28. Prevent save nag when you have done nothing
    29. Odd sensor pattern clipping lines
    30. Can't include SOO narrative if you save and reopen
    31. Air riser can show more products than exits
    32. Submittal can skip to page number / combine step before all riser pages have been created
    33. Auto riser generation can get stuck if the page size is smaller than the network riser or there are really long runs
    34. Remove undo's from save file (shouldn't be saved)

Visual Controls (12/04/2018)
  1. Features:
    1. Spacebar on single product select limited to current products layer
    2. Audit for 1500 max CAT5 length
  2. Fixes:
    1. Resolve memory issue related to tree nodes
    2. Resolve viewport layer manager not showing correct info
    3. Rotated text edit box alignment
    4. Icons after theme switch
    5. DWG export crash related to special characters
    6. Change temp file naming to avoid conflicts
    7. Don't allow two print pages to have the same name
    8. Copy paste of revision clouds between designs, pasted clouds disappears
    9. Copy paste from a user layer would change layer of pasted items

Visual Controls (12/04/2018)
  1. Features:
    1. Create folders to organize print pages into user pages, layouts, risers, make layout page automation available 174287
    2. Switch schedule
  2. Fixes:
    1. Undo fails 'silently' if file has room labels
    2. Remove Quantity of 0 Lines from Agile Export
    3. default project created date to current day when creating a new project
    4. Cropped Viewport Selection Improvement
    5. Move crop viewport button out to its own button
    6. Drag and drop design reorder when you drag text some times expands new parent node instead
    7. If initial textbounds call happens during multi thread we can get an exception in a dictionary that is used
    8. WV type sensors should come in at 10' default height
    9. Import button on home tab
    10. Bus power after two power packs should still be capped at 40ma for bus power calcs
    11. Update splash image
    12. Update app icon
    13. Custom Luminaire name and reference overlap on riser
    14. PDF not displaying wipeouts properly
    15. Excel export with no products causes exception
    16. nPODM top line missing
    17. PDF print not printing line types
    18. Snap icon update
    19. Snap on in print with no visible setting to turn it off. makes it hard to move viewport
    20. Place pdf packet doesn't get all pages from some pdfs
    21. Should be able to execute zoom/snap hotkey during cmds
    22. Project/product submittal notes overlap header if they go to 2nd page
    23. Design name length
    24. Crash if you cancel out of login
    25. Change panel size after created
    26. If user deletes all soo rows saves and reopens SOO manager can throw errors
    27. Add back button for 3 click rectangular room
    28. Improve memory use in pdf creation
    29. Revisit what hotkeys are on the user editable list of hotkeys in app settings (adds import hotkeys)
    30. Auto layout select in submittal generation add pages that already exist
    31. Allow users to view radio range, adjust range based on construction description
    32. Icon update

Visual Controls (11/05/2018)
  1. Features:
    1. Add ability to show lan cloud on risers, adr on lan, place lan "product"
    2. Add rotation step to nHW insert
    3. Audit warning for more than 750 devices on necy
    4. Audit for nlight air bus power
    5. Audit for fcs rb
    6. Icon update
    7. Left align symbols in product schedule with out regard to text on symbols
    8. Added more tooltips on layout ui
    9. Added match properties cmd
    10. Show product tag along with label in project explorer
    11. Ability to move room name dialog
  2. Fixes:
    1. Wipeout not showing on all product attributes
    2. Spellcheck replaces parts of correctly spelled words
    3. Multiline text with no width that is right aligned was not aligned correctly in pdf
    4. File cleanup choked on file with null entity
    5. User spline pts created NaN vertices
    6. Text edit window location could be incorrect or too tall
    7. Snap and selection filters not being retained
    8. Bridge tags were not always staying in sync with bridge name changes in multi design projects
    9. Label reset not working
    10. Excel export exception
    11. Zone visibility toggle button was missing
    12. Viewports of inactivated layouts could have symbol atts shift incorrectly

Visual Controls (10/08/2018)
  1. Features:
    1. Implemented new UI to improve user experience
    2. Improved accuracy of Sensor Patterns cropping with rooms and structure
    3. Updated LC&D and nLight installation worksheets
    4. Add ability to show product symbol on spec sheet
    5. Added ability to include BOM notes in the Schedule
    6. Enhanced text editing process to allow for large text blocks
    7. Added spell check to text edit window
    8. Added auditing for more than 750 devices on NECY
    9. Added auditing for nLight Air products bus power
  2. Fixes:
    1. Fix issue that can cause cleanup message on some cross design connections
    2. Copy block tags during copy cmd
    3. Symbol legend matches symbol color in layout
    4. Prevent active layer from being hidden
    5. Improved double click behavior on layer state
    6. Improved wiring descriptions

Visual Controls (7/16/2018)
  1. Features:
    1. Change how sensor cropping is performed, allows the outside of rooms to clip patterns as well
    2. Polygonal viewport crop
    3. Ability to import print pages from another vsp file
    4. Ability to re organize designs and print pages
    5. Ability to turn on an off a subset of patterns (no ui) use shift+f5 to turn on, ctrl+f5 to turn off, alt+f5 to toggle subset
    6. Barcode template in submittal (does not fill in bridge and port yet but will soon)
    7. Bridge riser that goes to another design now labeled with design of first product of port run, not design of bridge
    8. Add wire length labels on top of wires (button in products drop down)
    9. Add cat5 quantities in wire legend (turn on in wire legend properties)
    10. Tag bridges as they are inserted (to aide clarity of port risers)
    11. Add Nlight Air note
    12. Improve how lock file works (only app session that created the lock file can delete it)
    13. Improve speed of pdf import preview, improve scalefactor UI
    14. Default to 1/8" for PDF all pages import
    15. Allow for room assignment print on submittal SOO page
    16. Ability to set a default project template
  2. Fixes…
    1. We were not handling tilt correctly (only shows up with imported lighting files)
    2. Not all switch heights were 4’
    3. Possible to create a connection loop with cross design connect
    4. User templates would throw a warning on first auto save attempt
    5. Project notes would be empty and you couldn’t add more
    6. Importing a some pdfs would result in a hanging process that would prevent save
    7. Update cat5 wiring detail
    8. PDF creation would fail on bad ents and not provide a message
    9. Multiple splines would highlight on hover if they had line breaks
    10. Changing a product lbl in the schedule would not refresh all layouts so not all print pages would update
    11. Attempt to fix null refs that had shown up in logs with no clear reproduction steps
    12. Editing a double property for multiple values would default to numeric up down, couldn’t set value to 0
    13. Prevent users from changing wire catalog
    14. isDirty flag not set after revision change
    15. Riser with multiple shunts has bad linework
    16. Label position doesn’t update when swapping product via properties
    17. PDF page size not consistent across project as new pages added
    18. Custom blocks don’t show catalog in products sidebar
    19. Undo message is not correct
    20. Text entity with only spaces can cause crash
    21. Line styles wrong on AMD GPU’s
    22. Image background do not export to CAD at the right scale if scaled via shape scale
    23. Long spline does not reach product in PDF
    24. Deleting Revision column on latest revision line causes exception
    25. Update openGL to fix errant line work on some letters
    26. Print page select design list does not coincide with design rearrangement
    27. Some submittal pdf pages are A4 not Letter size
    28. sensor clipping creates blocks that are not getting removed when the blocks are turned off and bloat file size
    29. Fix issue where DPI of imported image isn't used correctly for scale factor
    30. Fix crash for really long notes

Visual Controls (7/16/2018)
  1. Improve speed of text display in openGL
  2. Feature: Partial AGILE XML export (accessed via schedule export dropdown) allows export via selection in drawings
  3. Fixed: Initials removed form product legend after reopening file
  4. Fixed: Voltage barrier not on correct line / saving
  5. Fixed: Bus power audit calculation bugs
  6. Fixed: Audit doesn’t find orphaned runs that start with NEF
  7. Fixed: NECY+NECYD NLTAIR USB riser
  8. Fixed: Print pages out of order after riser generation
  9. Improved: Audit panel ui to group all warnings by drawing
  10. Fixed: PDF text alignment issue
  11. Fixed: Generated riser pages may have incorrect info in title block
  12. Fixed: Preview line doesn’t indicate thickness
  13. Fixed: Can’t pick arrow spline with crossing window
  14. Fixed: Submittal project notes visibility state not saved
  15. Fixed: Missing image prevents PDF creation
  16. Fixed: Audit warning for Frescos on CAT5
  17. Fixed: Riser label position shifts when riser scaled
  18. Improved: Project explorer controls listing
  19. Improved: Wire picking over pdf on locked layer

Visual Controls (6/28/2018)
  1. Fix bug where switching designers could cause the 'save before quit' prompt to not be displayed
  2. Fix bug where clicking two print cmd buttons in a row wouldn't start the second cmd
  3. Tweak bus power calculation to not warn when power = 0 at device
  4. New feature allows association of rooms to SOO types
  5. Installer clears and reinstalls CAD Details
  6. Prevent invalid background color in settings
  7. Address errant bus power warning edge condition
  8. Orphaned network runs that start with NEF products didn’t generate audit warning
  9. Couldn’t place a riser for NECY + NECYD NLTAIR when no bridge was present
  10. Print pages on print back stage could appear out of order after riser generation
  11. Risers placed with auto riser generate would not save their position if you closed and reopend
  12. Generated riser pages may have incorrect info in title block
  13. Bus power audit wasn't catching runs with 0 bus power through out run
  14. Control Layout text aka drawing name is center aligned multi line text that is rotated and it appears out of position in title block in pdf

Visual Controls (6/4/2018)
  1. Major improvements in memory use, tab switching, and performance
  2. Picking improvements: easier to pick items over background images
  3. Copy/Paste with ctrl+c and ctrl+v, or ctrl+shift+c to specify basepoint
  4. Import all pages of a pdf, each page to a new design
  5. Export all layouts to CAD or all print pages with one click
  6. Speed increase on auto riser page layout
  7. Schedule improvements
    1. Fewer default columns
    2. Cleaner look of symbol images
    3. Better feedback around cutsheet selection
  8. New installer is a much smaller download
  9. Submittal
    1. More accurate page count
    2. move multiple pages
    3. background image fade supported in pdf creation
  10. Properties panel can display properties for selection great than 100
  11. Improve PDF import quality for some types of PDFs
  12. Address revision date alignment in title block
  13. Move bus power rules to external file
  14. Prevent user renaming of default DWG details
  15. Optimize Property panel for large selections
  16. Spline Edit control handles now appear above nearby controls
  17. Panel schedule row height is now flexible UI/Print item
  18. Global lineweight adjustment in settings to make products and wires heavier
  19. Improve DWG details
  20. Indicate what products have sensor patterns in schedule view
  21. Improve DWG color reading for entities and layers
  22. Ability to quickly apply a color to a products layout symbol in the schedule (product layer color mode must be by entity to see unique colors)
  23. New designs copy active designs layer manager settings
  24. Improve auto cleanup to handle orphaned cross designer connections better
  25. Users can include cutsheet per catalog in submittal, label cuts with catalogs
  26. Installer improvements
  27. Image export to DWG
  28. Automatic cleanup of unused images to reduce file size
  29. Improve single page pdf import (Issue with v1.7 multipage pdfs)
  30. Tab ui improvements (symbol and panel designer)
  31. Clean up how revisions are indicated in submittal
  32. nLight Air USB Dongle Support
  33. Drawing tools added to Print Page UI
  34. Allow users to open .vcbk files with double-click
  35. Changed wiring button in schedule
  36. Bug Fixes:
    1. Fixed: some lines on dwg details would not print/pdf because color had alpha component of 0 in error
    2. Fixed: ID conflict during copy paste across designs
    3. Fixed: Project explorer sidebar was not indicating active tab
    4. Fixed: tab well shows up when settings have it off
    5. Fixed: Custom pdfs added to submittals were getting lost at save
    6. Fixed: Riser pages were not defaulting to correct size on some computers
    7. Fixed: Incorrect network orphan audit warning
    8. Fixed: Error in bus power calculation during audit
    9. Fixed: Undo was not working for created lines/text in print pages
    10. Fixed: null ref setting minimum wire distances
    11. Fixed: can connect bridge to itself via bridge connect command
    12. Fixed: viewport issues
    13. Fixed: Bus power does not calculate for NEF
    14. Fixed: unique names for blocks between layout and riser in DWG export

Visual Controls (3/19/2017)
  1. Resolve: Multiline text cut off in submittal pdf 138750
  2. Known issue: Agile export of luminaires with no description causes null ref (just add a description and they will export)

Visual Controls (3/7/2017)
  1. Feature: Total rewrite of how pdfs are created for print pages in submittal 134283
  2. Resolve: Multiple ctrl+r hot keys 134378
  3. Known issue: Agile export of luminaires with no description causes null ref (just add a description and they will export)

Visual Controls (3/5/2017)
  1. Resolve: Text drawn on print page may not appear above lines drawn on print page 136577
  2. Feature: Add description to generated submittal BOM 136077
  3. Resolve: Difference in wipeout width between GL and GDI, display to .95 134579
  4. Resolve: Deleting cross design connection can inadvertently remove ents from current design 136023
  5. Resolve: Agile export text limit 134033
  6. Resolve: Hot key assignment does not update automatically 135974
  7. Resolve: Riser page generation sets sheet name, use new LC 2.# format 136609
  8. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal

Visual Controls (2/27/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: Risers exported to cad have their attributes move, dtext position 135480
  2. Resolve: GDI line weight 135620
  3. Resolve: Product attributes in bounds calculation incorrectly shifts riser label 134377
  4. Resolve: Selection window remains when user hot keys into a cmd 134475
  5. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  6. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal

Visual Controls (2/26/2017)
  1. Feature: More File backup options .vcbk and OpenProjects 134907
  2. Resolve: GDI entity draw order to place wires over rooms 135191
  3. Resolve: Product symbol ring below image 135171
  4. Resolve: Double line break OpenGL Crash 130561 (display to .89)
  5. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  6. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal

Visual Controls (2/21/2017)
  1. Feature: Improve symbol refresh when sensor pattern added 129530
  2. Resolve: Cleanup checks for missing product definitions 513414
  3. Resolve: Incorrect bounds calculation on product insert attributes 134377
  4. Resolve: Protect symbol ring label method for null ref 134400
  5. Resolve: Cancel out of page item place leaves block when you return to print page 133576
  6. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  7. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal
  8. Known Issue: Crash when two line breaks are added to one wire

Visual Controls (2/15/2017)
  1. Feature: Improve layer state change refresh speed 133261
  2. Feature: Add sensor patterns to installer 129530
  3. Resolve: Add support for usb wire type in preperation for nlight air radio 129455
  4. Resolve: Allow user to include incomplete cutsheet package in submittal 133417
  5. Resolve: Don't copy wires that would be splines after copy 133158
  6. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  7. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal
  8. Known Issue: Crash when two line breaks are added to one wire

Visual Controls (2/13/2017)
  1. Feature: Add minimum length for some connections in wire length calc 131282
  2. Feature: Assign a luminaire product a sensor pattern for integrated sensors 129530
  3. Resolve: Improve place viewport cmd to allow for NTS, better scale override, more scale options on placed viewports 132606
  4. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  5. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal
  6. Known Issue: Crash when two line breaks are added to one wire

Visual Controls (2/7/2017) Public
  1. Feature: dbl click to open symbol designer 131482
  2. Feature: Bridge connect submenu sort by tag 130221
  3. Resolve: nECY direct connect riser 130463
  4. Resolve: Remove all line breaks in panel schedule print item header 131291
  5. Feature: CAT5 footage length export to agile 128979
  6. Resolve: Update nlight install submittal sheet 130817
  7. Resolve: Autoconnect makes nodes with no wires if connection fails 131244
  8. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  9. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal
  10. Known Issue: Crash when two line breaks are added to one wire

Visual Controls (2/1/2017)
  1. Feature: For larger projects bridge connect uses sub menu 130221
  2. Feature: Import each pdf/image background on new layer 130170
  3. Resolve: move block attribute only worked on labels 129522
  4. Resolve: add preliminary support for nlight air lbls/connectivity 129453 129454
  5. Resolve: Symbol designer selection and close 130328
  6. Resolve: Saved Project revisions not loading 130342
  7. Resolve: Update display to .79
  8. Known Issue: Sometimes crash on file open with open file
  9. Known Issue: Auto connect can make connections with out wires if connection fails (eg non nlight)
  10. Known Issue: Background images can shift on printpage pdfs created with submittal
  11. Known Issue: Crash when two line breaks are added to one wire

Visual Controls (1/30/2017)
  1. Feature: Wire length as xy dist + z dist to better approximate wire length 129021
  2. Feature: Allow custom products to get custom spec sheets 129663
  3. Resolve: default UID display in riser to off 129571
  4. Resolve: Force sensor pattern to be within depth buffer 128133
  5. Resolve: Improve spec sheet dropdown click in schedule 128673
  6. Resolve: Setting to reset connection rules on product refresh 129009
  7. Resolve: Add error handling to audit and layer manager panel refresh calls 129782

Visual Controls 1.1.53 (1/25/2017)
  1. Resolve: Opening a second file opengL does not activate 128764

Visual Controls 1.1.52 (1/25/2017)
  1. Resolve: Designer delete crashes openGL 128764

Visual Controls (1/24/2017)
  1. feature: Selection more cad like, shift click to deselect 127673
  2. Resolve: long product list click causes scroll 125404
  3. feature: force display of current product sensor pattern during place 128133
  4. Resolve: Improve spec sheet dropdown click in schedule 128673
  5. Resolve: pcell 3wi lbl and connectivity 126173
  6. Resolve: Cannot delete autosave folder 128609

Visual Controls (1/22/2017)
  1. Resolve: Selection window remains after mouse up 124787

Visual Controls (1/19/2017)
  1. Resolve: Self crossing room test 123589
  2. Resolve: Right click repeat into spline edit 125956
  3. Resolve: ARP LV connection logic 126173
  4. feature: Scale control product blocks 126176
  5. Resolve: Select viewports/risers by their label 124787
  6. Resolve: Include c++ 2015 update3 in installer for realdwg 127518
  7. Resolve: Allow cat5 connection between two non-nlight products 127236
  8. Resolve: Update display to .76 127214

Visual Controls (1/16/2017)
  1. Resolve: Self crossing room test 123589
  2. Resolve: Label location null ref 126655
  3. Resolve: Bad scale on viewport causes ents to not draw in gdi 125085
  4. Resolve: Save changes to riser atts in symbol editor, fix display 126196
  5. Resolve: Copy ortho relative to last position 125160
  6. Resolve: Right click repeat into spline edit 125956
  7. Resolve: Print page dwg export product lbl location 126236
  8. Resolve: Osnap initially unchecked when on 125762

Visual Controls (1/9/2018)
  1. Resolve: Write log file for cleanup 121516
  2. Resolve: Prevent calls from modifying entity bounds 123263
  3. Resolve: Improve pdf selection in schedule 125211
  4. Resolve: SOO Matrix submittal page 118982
  5. display to .74

Visual Controls (1/4/2018)
  1. Resolve: Issues closing/deleting pages related to openGL threading 124188
  2. Resolve: Agile XML export slow ot release file 124217
  3. Resolve: Initial product symbol color 123430
  4. Resolve: SOO Matrix submittal page 118982
  5. display to .73

Visual Controls (12/28/2017)
  1. Resolve: SOO Manager cancel doesnt revert changes 121569
  2. Resolve: Auto riser layot lower bounds 124186
  3. Resolve: Cross design connect doesnt try both directions 122777
  4. Resolve: Cross design riser has repeated devices in some circumstances 123897
  5. Resolve: Connect preview end 122778
  6. Resolve: Cant pick cross design wire if you preselect 122595
  7. Resolve: Remove id from SOO print item 123185
  8. Resolve: UI locks up during submittal creation 122893

Visual Controls (12/20/2017)
  1. Resolve:Auto cleanup removing text ents in error 121516
  2. Resolve: design copy not setting wireID in copied nodes 123537
  3. Resolve: Can't remove designer 123573
  4. Resolve: Wires remain when deleting just product of cross design connection 123583
  5. Resolve: Cross design connect arrow and copy cmd 123688
  6. Resolve: Wires remain on failed auto connect 123681
  7. Resolve: Undo of cross design connect lbl detaches text from arrow 123686

Visual Controls (12/19/2017)
  1. Resolve: Cutsheets show up multiple times in submittal 123236
  2. Resolve: Custom products error in schedule/submittal generation 123398
  3. Resolve: DWG export form print page doesn't show lbls 123263

Visual Controls (12/18/2017)
  1. Resolve: nlight lum adv connectivity not set 122611
  2. Resolve: Show cross design connections on a4/dmx on each design they are on in riser menu 122595
  3. Resolve: Cutsheets show up multiple times in submittal 123236
  4. Resolve: Submittal error combining file 122893
  5. Resolve: Product id not appearing on new designs 122744
  6. Resolve: Product legends appear behind drawing viewports with pdfs 123231

Visual Controls (12/13/2017)
  1. Resolve: a4/dmx riser dropdown 122595
  2. Resolve: Insure child can have wiretype as parent 122611
  3. Resolve: Prevent gateways from being wired to each other 122254
  4. Resolve: OpenGL fixes 122644
  5. Resolve: Risers could overlap title block when auto riser generation used 122365
  6. Resolve: nETHSW 122255

Visual Controls (12/12/2017)
  1. Resolve: fcs 7tsn rules 119204
  2. Resolve: wipeout for symbols with two circles 121576
  3. Resolve: Cross design connect with non cat5 121567
  4. Resolve: OpenGL fixes 121479 121210
  5. Resolve: Automate file clean up 121516
  6. Resolve: ability to silently log errors 121517
  7. Resolve: SOO column names, error if you leave while editing, info not saved if you leave 119815 121645 121569
  8. Resolve: Can't place system riser or brg riser using menu 121642

Visual Controls (12/6/2017)
  1. Resolve: improve opengl close 119538
  2. Resolve:Short string display in opengl 121210
  3. Resolve: improved support for larger images in import dialog 115575
  4. Resolve: image import preview scaling 118948
  5. Resolve: Fresco product connectivity rules 119204

Visual Controls (12/4/2017)
  1. Resolve: 7tsn cat5 to 7tsn audit check 84678
  2. Resolve: improve opengl close 119538

Visual Controls (12/4/2017)
  1. Resolve: OpenGL Render Loop update 118822
  2. Resolve: renamed notes not displaying 116715
  3. Resolve: Favorties group rename not saved 116715
  4. Resolve: Fresco connectivity 118977 118980 118975 118979 119204 118976
  5. Resolve: A4 riser wire ends 116629
  6. Resolve: Keep source pdf with file, use png format to improve quality 118442
  7. Resolve: can't adjust zoned width, cmd setting not remembered 118808
  8. Resolve: can't add panel schedule for LMP
  9. Resolve: Use realdwg 2018 113812

Visual Controls (11/27/2017)
  1. Resolve: No recover warning if multiple instances are open 115617
  2. Resolve: xpoint and roam labeling 113826
  3. Resolve: Favorties search improved 117199
  4. Resolve: Rev cloud lost in save 117599 116481
  5. Resolve: Same alt key used twice in backstage 117163

Visual Controls (11/20/2017)
  1. Resolve: Automatically remove null blocks in print 116481
  2. Resolve: Try to reset permissions before delete in favorite save 116621
  3. Resolve: Improve dark theme error messages 116675
  4. Resolve: Attempt to address 'same key already added' on quick move 115858 115034
  5. Resolve: Properties order reverses 112106
  6. Resolve: Label rotation 114971
  7. Feature: Per wire connection logic 90253

Visual Controls (11/14/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: SOO add new column bug 114499
  2. Resolve: page item width change makes them unselectable, doesn't happen immediately 115314
  3. Feature: Autocad export shows catalog when attribute hidden 114986
  4. Resolve: Autocad lbl attribute not perfectly centered 115049

Visual Controls (11/10/2017) testing only
  1. Feature: Per wire connection logic 90253

Visual Controls (11/2/2017)
  1. Resolve: multiple refreshes when select all is click in print backstage 113836
  2. Resolve: right and center aligned text with width>0 alignment 113516
  3. Feature: Improved pdf selection options, remember selections, allow local file selection 113712,110583,11586,110587,112305,110584,110582
  4. Resolve: SOO won't open if its opened in one project and then you try to open in another 113327
  5. Resolve: Error when closing SOO 11508

Visual Controls (11/9/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: products printing color by entity 114643

Visual Controls (11/2/2017) testing only
Visual Controls (10/30/2017) Public
  1. Feature: rectangular rev cloud cmd 112065
  2. Resolve: change font bug 107877
  3. Resolve: Error when changing from soo 111508
  4. Resolve: null ref when no print pages in backstage 112125
  5. Resolve: improve entity bounds calculate to better account for rotated rectangles and text 112294
  6. Resolve: Changing titleblock not applied with out restart 112291
  7. Resolve: Changes in symbol designer not applied to all designers 112274
  8. Resolve: sensor pattern and pdf initial heights to prevent z clipping and maintain draw order 112710
  9. Known issue: Application error when user types text rather than selecting from dropdown box in: "SOO - New Column - Column Type" form field.

Visual Controls (10/24/2017)
  1. Resolve: Spline with linebreak display issue 11091
  2. Resolve: Default expand state of project explorer 110963
  3. Resolve: Allow cutsheeets to have unique filenames 11203
  4. Feature: Remove arc shaped polylines from symbols programatically to fix jaggy lines in pdf output 109041
  5. Resolve: Cross design connect can get design labels wrong in some cases 110902

Visual Controls (10/19/2017)
  1. Resolve: Bus Power of npp20 pl bp 110696
  2. Resolve: arc rotation in blocks 110588
  3. Resolve: Panel schedule item doesn't update when width changed 110513
  4. Feature: BOM doc in submittal 110110
  5. Resolve: Wires longer than 250 only get counted as 250 in cat5 lengths 110389
  6. Resolve: close all tabs context menu removed 110235

Visual Controls (10/18/2017)
  1. Resolve: Events passing to inactive designers 109954
  2. Resolve: default image height, transparency 110006

Visual Controls (10/17/2017)
  1. Resolve: closed polyline creation issue, prevent repeated points, fix repeated points in existing rooms 109772

Visual Controls (10/16/2017)
  1. Resolve: crash recovering msg not shown 108176
  2. Resolve: + char not importing from dwg 109557
  3. Resolve: Error removing propgroup Layer 109532
  4. Resolve: bad text sizes on some DWG Details 108256
  5. Resolve: Not clear when pdm refresh fails to find a match in schedule 109483
  6. Resolve: improve dark theme 108554
  7. Resolve: Print margins rotate in landscape 108746
  8. Resolve: Text location in DMX wiring typical DWG Detail 108263
  9. Resolve: OpenGL fix bad lines as they are added to scene

Visual Controls (10/11/2017)
  1. Resolve: font change 107877
  2. Resolve: Letter page size title block 93294
  3. Resolve: No save nag from schedule/soo 108261
  4. Resolve: Auto riser generation fails with empty room 107744
  5. Resolve: audit panel img diposed 107887
  6. Resolve: Multi designer delete undo, redo 108418
  7. Resolve: Print designer pdf thumbnails delay activation 94416
  8. Resolve: Print page size not honored after settings change 108664
  9. Resolve: OpenGL info change and clean up 107745,708334

Visual Controls (10/9/2017)
  1. Resolve: null ref on print designer activate 107891
  2. Resolve: Save as tempalte for print page item removed 101649
  3. Resolve: Deleting designs from project doesn't reduce file size 100246
  4. Resolve: not connected to bridge audit message only applies to nlight 100250
  5. Resolve: Improve pdf import file support 94416
  6. Resolve: Can't see Controls if it was on a removed monitor 95317
  7. Resolve: Can't include print page in submittal if it has certain chars in its name 107569
  8. Resolve: Text wipeout not present in print 107890
  9. Resolve: OpenGL reduce number of drawing contexts

Visual Controls (10/4/2017)
  1. Resolve: Submital with TOC unchecked 100214
  2. Resolve: tabstrip tabstop 100244

Visual Controls (10/3/2017)
  1. Resolve: NEF block directory copy issue 99867
  2. Resolve: null ref adding sensor pattern 99877
  3. Resolve: auto connect with existing run 100016

Visual Controls (10/3/2017)
  1. Resolve: cannot clear out initial text when creating text 99608
  2. Resolve: New print pages not getting applied date 94832
  3. Resolve: Cannot save as template, autosave nag 97668
  4. Resolve: Error getting computer information during start up 95313
  5. Resolve: Error with dashed line patterns not displaying/correctly 95783
  6. Resolve: Error editing text in print designer 97350
  7. Resolve: Prod selection window hides but is still working 94441
  8. Resolve: Could not edit text after tab change 95511

Visual Controls (9/28/2017)
  1. Resolve: cannot change page size, cutepdf custom size 94818
  2. Resolve: SOO id parse / key issues 95167
  3. Resolve: Cross design connection no longer allows reversal 95965
  4. Resolve: deleting a bridge with children and parent 95996
  5. Resolve: cross design connection, delete and undo 95310,95084
  6. Resolve: tabbing out of print page properties, 95511
  7. Resolve: apply dates to all titleblocks from backstage 94832
  8. Resolve: don't lose focus on property textbox if mouse moves over designer 95092
  9. Resolve: cannot save template of existing project 97668
  10. Resolve: project revisions disappearing 95089

Visual Controls (9/26/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: SOO id parse / key issues 95167
  2. Resolve: print page designer selection changes on activation 90590
  3. Resolve: Selecting cropped viewports 95311
  4. Resolve: Display update for gridline issue

Visual Controls (9/21/2017)
  1. Resolve: fresco labels 95224
  2. Resolve: SOO id parse / key issues 95167
  3. Resolve: Cannot remove project item 90549
  4. Resolve: System riser not auto generating with riser pages 94954
  5. Resolve: 0 height text on Visual import, also fixed CAD 94445
  6. Resolve: Protect against null ref in tool selected 94438
  7. Resolve: text export with blocks, realdwg_sd 1.1.8

Visual Controls (9/20/2017)
  1. Resolve: Labels don't hide if product layer is color by entity 93617
  2. Resolve: hot key imageplace null ref 94525
  3. Resolve: Submittal drops print pages 93619
  4. Resolve: Panel schedule null ref if product insert deleted 94533

Visual Controls (9/15/2017)
  1. Resolve: Image import invalid file warning 90540
  2. Resolve: Recent selections error handeling 92838,93246
  3. Resolve: Editing long titles of risers in print designer 93261
  4. Resolve: Print page numbering 93395
  5. Resolve: Cannot load product, copy exception 91963
  6. Resolve: Display update, black box grid line fix

Visual Controls (9/13/2017)
  1. Resolve: Image import ignore scale factor, doesn't remember last scale factor (92845)
  2. Resolve: null ref warning in cross designer connect (92687)
  3. Feature: Max bridge depth audit (92782)
  4. Resolve: Print exceptions (91964, 91965)
  5. Resolve: Cannot unlock file is just a msg box now
  6. Resolve: Import error related to layer mgr quick find (91966)
  7. Resolve: There was a problem updating the configuration (92612)
  8. Resolve: There was a problem loading configuration notes (92631)
  9. Resolve: Cannot load a product (92640)

Visual Controls (9/11/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: Self crossing rooms cause tesselation crash 92305
  2. Resolve: null ref in place and orient 92049
  3. Resolve: cannot save project, get directories, directory does not exist (90550)
  4. Resolve: Improve specificity of cannot set property error (90559)
  5. Resolve: Invalid print settings just a msg box now (91971)

Visual Controls (9/7/2017)
  1. Resolve: Riser line work whe LV/Line side step present
  2. Resolve: Side bar activation after print page delete
  3. Resolve: Riser auto numbering starts at 2 when using auto page generation
  4. Resolve: DWG import/Export with non-standard Chars, eg french words with accents
  5. Resolve: Lock file not deleting
  6. Known issue: black box/dense lines after adding several designs, change grid setting to none as work around

Visual Controls (8/30/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: No longer reset when wire + both controls moved
  2. Resolve: Save as exception
  3. Feature: Multi product pdm refresh, select multiple rows

Visual Controls (8/28/2017)
  1. Resolve: Draggable splash to prevent hidden error dialogs
  2. Resolve: Autoconnect behavior when selection includes bridges
  3. Resolve: Unable to delete file during autosave
  4. Feature: Auto number riser details

Visual Controls (8/24/2017)
  1. Resolve: Product selection URL

Visual Controls (8/23/2017)
  1. Resolve: Riser page auto generation threading issue
  2. Resolve: Designer activation after page deleted
  3. Resolve: Product/Wire legend insertion point
  4. Resolve: Auto wire to isolated bridge run

Visual Controls (8/21/2017)
  1. Resolve: Click and drag all ents is now the default behavior, no longer a setting
  2. Resolve: favorite hot key not working
  3. Resolve: lock files shouldn't write for templates
  4. Resolve: SOO error loading configuration notes; bad id parse
  5. Resolve: Cannot set combo property: prop panel activation
  6. Resolve: Missing dwg details for nlight, sub folders

Visual Controls (8/16/2017)
  1. Feature: Auto wire selection based on nearest neighbor, auto connect!
  2. Feature: Edit placed viewport layers
  3. Resolve: Single select multiple splines
  4. Resolve: 0 Qty items appear in legend
  5. Resolve: Update bus power add/consume list
  6. Resolve: Only sensor + switch get place and orient

Visual Controls (8/14/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: Print text notes with ampersand would not place
  2. Resolve: Common Note folder structure not removing old notes

Visual Controls (8/10/2017)
  1. Resolve: Print page ents not selectable when returning from backstage
  2. Resolve: Riser page item label null ref when referenced bridge is deleted
  3. Resolve: Product selection using testing endpoint
  4. Resolve: Text in title block logos was getting forced to 0 orientation
  5. Change: Text notes and Cad detail folder structure and update

Visual Controls (8/9/2017)
  1. Resolve: Print pages not showing changes unless activated

Visual Controls (8/7/2017)
  1. Resolve: Lock file missing in action

Visual Controls (8/2/2017)
  1. Resolve: Changing label in schedule doesn't update in layout
  2. Resolve: Clicking a room/product of an inactive designer in project explorer causes null ref

Visual Controls (8/2/2017)
  1. Resolve: Submittal page selection and page order
  2. Resolve: Submittal cutsheets only included if qty is greater than 0
  3. Resolve: Open/New backstage file icon
  4. Resolve: Don't show products with zero quantity when grouping by design
  5. Resolve: Undo/Redo performance improvement

Visual Controls (8/1/2017)
  1. Resolve: Exception when shared product folder was missing a product thats in a project
  2. Resolve: Fileversion newer than current version check incorrectly showing up

Visual Controls (7/31/2017)
  1. Resolve: Hide SOO room assignment for now
  2. Resolve: Rapid double clicking of an entity leads to index out of range exception
  3. Resolve: Submittal TOC, Section Cover display tweaks
  4. Resolve: Submittal page numbering wrong if a print page is deleted
  5. Resolve: Reduce redundant draw calls for increased speed
  6. Resolve: title block logo file location
  7. Resolve: Product DWG files not copying to project file

Visual Controls (7/26/2017)
  1. Resolve: Text creation, draw box, default to VAlign top, better text entry
  2. Resolve: Failed product update, folder access not allowed
  3. Resolve: Set minimum form sizes to prevent bottom of some forms from being cut off

Visual Solutions 1.0.99 (7/25/2017)
  1. Resolve: nECY NGWY2GFX riser, allows for 3 connections. Older files with necy will have to manually override connection count in schedule
  2. Resolve: Prevent deletion of standard submittal documents
  3. Resolve: favorite label generation made more clear
  4. Resolve: Placed risers not appearing grayed out anymore

Visual Solutions 1.0.98 (7/19/2017)
  1. Resolve: User templates/user favorites/background images not working in new folder locations as part of rebranding change
  2. Resolve: Schedule agile export not limited to selected design
  3. Feature: Can indicate revision in submittal header
  4. Resolve: SOO error handeling

Visual Solutions 1.0.97 (7/13/2017)
  1. Resolve: CAD export crashes if string has special character in it eg degree symbol
  2. Resolve: Submittal: remove page, project note, revision header, allow page sort, ngrave 4s cut
  3. Resolve: Change to use 'acuity brands' logo instead of 'acuity controls'
  4. Resolve: Rebranding
  5. Resolve: UID display inccorect on riser
  6. Resolve: SOO row rename

Visual Solutions 1.0.96 (7/11/2017)
  1. Feature: Submittal Generator (BETA)
  2. Resolve: SOO delete row
  3. Resolve: Panel schedule header change to 4 columns
  4. Resolve: Memory use when several designers are activated
  5. Resolve: line thickness display in print
  6. Resolve: Gray background in layout designer after closing the settings window

Visual Solutions 1.0.95 (7/6/2017)
  1. Resolve: OpenTK high dpi turned off
  2. Resolve: SOO print page item shows if there is a note, has header
  3. Resolve: Reduce time needed to complete commands on print page (undo/redo)

Visual Solutions 1.0.94 (7/5/2017)
  1. Feature: Sequence of operations
  2. Change: display refactored to nuget package
  3. Resolve: designer tab not showing up for symbol designer

Visual Solutions 1.0.93 (6/21/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: Error recreating fresco module
  2. Resolve: Necy and ngwy gfx connection + riser

Visual Solutions 1.0.92 (6/20/2017)
  1. Resolve: Error handeling on refresh from pdm
  2. Resolve: Slow pick texture generation for some DWG
  3. Resolve: Command NextStep logic to prevent index out of range
  4. Feature: Highlight in red when estimated VA greater than module or row Max VA

Visual Solutions 1.0.91 (6/15/2017)
  1. Feature: can refresh product information from database in schedule view
  2. Feature: Riser page generation done on background thread
  3. Feature: Mtext import, doesn't support all mtext features eg columns
  4. Resolve: Riser generation error when a room has no riser
  5. Speed: Change entmgr GetEntity to improve speed

Visual Solutions 1.0.90 (6/13/2017)
  1. Feature: mtext Export
  2. Resolve: dwg text import scale
  3. Feature: Delete multiple pages
  4. Resolve: Print page items not updating when properties are changed multiple times
  5. Changed: OpenGL Framework

Visual Solutions 1.0.89 (6/8/2017)
  1. Feature: Panel schedule UI and print improvements
  2. Resolve: Place product photo/pdf in print designer
  3. Resolve: Fix product pdf fix for older files
  4. Resolve: Force ui threas to culture invariant to help our friends to the north

Visual Solutions 1.0.88 (6/6/2017)
  1. Feature: Legend Customization, change ordering, text size, field visibility
  2. Feature: Products can have a category property
  3. Feature: Export product PDFs to folder
  4. Feature: Remove auto increment of types, use schedule copy or lbl change during place to duplicate a catalog in schedule
  5. Feature: Show product ID in properties
  6. Resolve: Two auto generate riser cases where risers would extend pass page area

Visual Solutions 1.0.87 (5/30/2017) Public
  1. Feature: Auto generate riser pages
  2. Feature: Drag and drop page reordering
  3. Resolve: Missing feature logs
  4. Feature: Export/Import favorites
  5. Resolve: SPOD not getting SW lbl

Visual Solutions 1.0.86 (5/24/2017)
  1. Resolve: Ability to show unique product ids on layout & risers
  2. Resolve: Reduce time to need to open a print page
  3. Resolve: Recent product list not always showing recent products not in project
  4. Resolve: null pageitem data if user deletes all page items and saves
  5. Resolve: Rectangle status messages
  6. Resolve: Measure string refactor
  7. Resolve: Panel catalog changes not saving to product definition
  8. Resolve: Image import dialog initial size hiding page select buttons
  9. Changed: OpenGL Framework

Visual Solutions 1.0.85 (5/17/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: DWG import in symbol designer null ref looking for layer manager
  2. Resolve: Possible null ref in connection lookup refresh
  3. Resolve: editable title block fields (use project page) editability of date field
  4. Resolve: Viewport default scales and scale label
  5. Resolve: Unnecessary copyproductinfo call which could lead to exceptions when placing products on a shared file
  6. Resolve: RealDWG import didn't get lines from nested blocks
  7. Changed: Entity Manager Refactoring

Visual Solutions 1.0.84 (5/16/2017)
  1. Resolve: Text alignment on import/export to dwg
  2. Resolve: When exporting black or white color to dwg use ACAD black/white index color 7
  3. Resolve: Room riser included extra row if run went out and back into room
  4. Changed: Various openGL framework improvements

Visual Solutions 1.0.83 (5/4/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: Protect against divide by zero for zero magnitude vectors during connect
  2. Resolve: Greater flexibility in riser generation for LV and Line combination product risers
  3. Resolve: Prevent 'cannot save error' looking up directory files of empty string
  4. Resolve: Prevent exception for missing design names when non-cat5 wires are in schedule grouped by design
  5. Resolve: Repeated zone groups in schedule grouped by zone

Visual Solutions 1.0.82 (5/1/2017)
  1. Resolve: Recent products not updating
  2. Resolve: Place preveiw when inserting a new product (side effect of last build only)
  3. Resolve: Allow agile XML export to include grouping

Visual Solutions 1.0.81 (4/28/2017)
  1. Resolve: Patterns not displayed during place, exception during place with ring symbols on

Visual Solutions 1.0.80 (4/27/2017)
  1. Feature: Zone Risers, so risers can be made via zone by selection instead of drawing a room
  2. Feature: Group by design in schedule
  3. Feature: Filter legend page item
  4. Feature: Roomname now increments based on highest detected room number, rooms are numbered instead of lettered
  5. Resolve: Improve command logging
  6. Resolve: Room risers for start of runs with wiretypeid -1
  7. Resolve: Place image/pdf logic to avoid copy exception
  8. Resolve: Attribute wipeout missing for atts besides Label
  9. Resolve: Visual bin import missing ies files are now ignored so import proceeds

Visual Solutions 1.0.79 (4/25/2017)
  1. Feature: Measure Area
  2. Feature: Ability to create dimension lines with distance command
  3. Feature: 5 previous measurements visible
  4. Feature: Command logging
  5. Resolve: ARP default panel configuration only a suggestion
  6. Resolve: Project Explorer Room delete casting exception
  7. Feature: Ability to remove wipeout from layout symbol using symbol designer
  8. Feature: Don't allow existing wireproduct to be edited

Visual Solutions 1.0.78 (4/21/2017)
  1. Feature: Background image fade
  2. Feature: Low and Line voltage wires
  3. Resolve: Single select spline fix
  4. Feature: Default ARP panel
  5. Resolve: pp16 shunt emergency filter
  6. Resolve: LVKS lbl generation
  7. Resolve: Static favorite hot key numbering
  8. Feature: ToGDI print error handeling and feedback in preview
  9. Resolve: Line edit cmd doesn't work with snap off- snap forced on
  10. Resolve: Double property change on product with sensor patterns on causes the symbol to turn black
  11. Resolve: Available ports now includes tool tip mentioning reserved port for parent
  12. Feature: Setting to allow preselect connect to use insert order

Visual Solutions 1.0.77 (4/18/2017)
  1. Feature: Much better support for multiple wire types
  2. Feature: Place riser for non-cat5 runs (beta)
  3. Resolve: Overwrite Template warning
  4. Resolve: Image frame height (in z) can be adjusted
  5. Resolve: Workplane height of 4.5 when placing an image
  6. Resolve: Recent places labels
  7. Resolve: Viewport creates extra rectangle, related null ref warning
  8. Feature: Prevent users from deleting all ents from an existing symbol in symbol designer
  9. Resolve: Line edit cmd doesn't work with snap off- snap forced on
  10. Resolve: Double property change on product with sensor patterns on causes the symbol to turn black
  11. Resolve: Available ports now includes tool tip mentioning reserved port for parent

Visual Solutions 1.0.76 (4/13/2017)
  1. Feature: New Spline Edit
  2. Feature: New settings to change arc height of wires or use dynamic height
  3. Resolve: null exceptions attempt to be logged
  4. Resolve: Sensor patterns overlap products at a lower height
  5. Resolve: Agile export doesn't use filter buttons, eg only controls
  6. Resolve: Riser bridge port key does not exist
  7. Resolve: Spline appearance
  8. Resolve: Panel schedule button enabled
  9. Feature: Allow products to be marked as emergency
  10. Feature: ` as alternative way to start favorite hotkey
  11. Resolve: Hot keys change when changing designs
  12. Resolve: Unable to save to template or create empty viewport

Visual Solutions 1.0.75 (3/29/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: Click n drag null ref
  2. Resolve: room riser initial product selection
  3. Resolve: Product sidebar not associating to current designer
  4. Resolve: OpenGL exception when opening a project with open file dialog
  5. Resolve: Copying design causes layer manager reset in source design

Visual Solutions 1.0.74 (3/28/2017)
  1. Resolve: Favorites save when products are added, deleted, or moved
  2. Resolve: Symbol designer layer issue in 73
  3. Resolve: Slow product place preview in 73
  4. Resolve: Schedule room/zone group header click null ref

Visual Solutions 1.0.73 (3/23/2017)
  1. Feature: Click drag all setting
  2. Resolve: Room picking over image background improved
  3. Resolve: Room risers continue to end of run if run leaves room
  4. Resolve: ER power packs contribute no bus power
  5. Resolve: accidental user saves over project templates
  6. Resolve: schedule group by room/zone
  7. Resolve: non nlight controls could be connected as children to an nlight parent

Visual Solutions 1.0.72 (3/22/2017)
  1. Feature: User Layers

Visual Solutions 1.0.71 (3/21/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: unmodified PDF import

Visual Solutions 1.0.70 (3/21/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: File version warning doesn't show up when vsp opened in OS
  2. Resolve: Block with null attributes crashes export
  3. Resolve: Template does not save to user templates

Visual Solutions 1.0.69 (3/17/2017)
  1. Resolve: Layer color mode by entity btn visibility
  2. Resolve: improve bounds detection with clipping patterns
  3. Resolve: Improve application logging
  4. Resolve: label reset turns off sensor patterns
  5. Resolve: improve image background handling with large images

Visual Solutions 1.0.68 (3/13/2017)
  1. Resolve: Audit- improve missing bridge link message
  2. Resolve: Audit- redo bus power calculations
  3. Resolve: Luminaire properties display in schedule
  4. Resolve: Sensor patterns update after stretch cmd is performed
  5. Feature: users can opt to use saved favorite lbl or not when placing it
  6. Resolve: Panel item visible in print when in debug
  7. Resolve: Error window index out of range msg
  8. Feature: automated log machine info for support

Visual Solutions 1.0.67 (3/7/2017)
  1. Resolve: System controller riser hub two line depth
  2. Resolve: Label based sorting A-Z
  3. Resolve: Warning when opening a file saved from a newer version accounts for major version
  4. Resolve: Product in room uses baseblock not pattern block when patterns are on

Visual Solutions 1.0.66 (3/3/2017)
  1. Feature: Automated Error Reporting
  2. Feature: Automated Update Notification
  3. Feature: Improved Application Logging
  4. Resolve: Backstream bridge riser port drawing
  5. Resolve: Panel Schedule Height
  6. Resolve: Warning when opening a file saved from a newer version
  7. Resolve: Improve labeling when luminaires are added from favorites
  8. Resolve: New Designs use layer preferences from your first design
  9. Resolve: Place and orient always starts with 0 orientation as default
  10. Resolve: Crash when polygon tessellation fails now has try/catch

Visual Solutions 1.0.65 (2/27/2017)
  1. Feature: Audit Panel
  2. Resolve: Ask to save before opening a new file on a modified file
  3. Resolve: Adjust line thickness in print
  4. Resolve: Favorite list ui message clears when hotkey number doesn't exist
  5. Resolve: Favorite list groups cannot be dragged
  6. Change: OpenGL pickpointdata

Visual Solutions 1.0.64 (2/20/2017) Public
  1. Update RealDWG
  2. Resolve: add WV and NWV products to place and orient list
  3. Resolve: Right click to edit zone/room name uses node that was clicked not last selected
  4. Resolve: Favorite and add to favorite icons changed

Visual Solutions 1.0.63 (2/15/2017)
  1. Resolve: lbl position for system controller in backbone riser
  2. Resolve: lbl position for switches
  3. Resolve: lbl for port risers where the bridge is on a different design now pick up room names of other designs
  4. Resolve: Product symbols automatically regenerate if they can when the blkdef.symbol == null
  5. Resolve: Prevent edit of row id in panel schedule
  6. Resolve: Prevent drag of catalog into favorite group that already contains that catalog

Visual Solutions 1.0.62 (2/9/2017)
  1. Resolve: Copy Design null ref
  2. Resolve: Keypress null ref in print
  3. Resolve: lbl sort when more than 9 of one designation
  4. Feature: Filter favorites
  5. Feature: backbone riser width dependant on number of child hubs

Visual Solutions 1.0.61 (2/8/2017)
  1. Feature: Copy Design
  2. Feature: Panel Designer and panel page item
  3. Feature: Move individual labels tag, zone, lbl
  4. Feature: Favorite products with hot key (*, 5, enter)
  5. Resolve: Print to page sizes besided arch E

Visual Solutions 1.0.60 (1/30/2017) Public
  1. Feature: Edit line cmd (debug only)
  2. Resolve: Regen symbols drops sensor pattern
  3. Resolve: Products with repeated SSICOVERAGE or SSISENSOR layers import crash
  4. Feature: Edit room or zone name in project manager (double click text)
  5. Feature: Ctrl+A performs a select all using selection filters

Visual Solutions 1.0.59 (1/16/2017) Public
  1. Resolve: refactor connectivity properties to be by brand

Visual Solutions 1.0.58 (1/12/2017)
  1. Resolve: GDI object leak related to property panel
  2. Resolve: GDI object leak related to cursor swapping
  3. Resolve: Product selection window initial size now based on window size
  4. Resolve: Scroll bar appearance in properties, hide horizontal scroll
  5. Resolve: Renaming node in project manager causes zone/room child nodes to not fill out

Visual Solutions 1.0.57 (1/10/2017)
  1. Resolve: layer manager ui
  2. Resolve: Circular wipeouts not rendering to pick buffer
  3. Resolve: selection filter setting in layout effecting print
  4. Resolve: Riser convert to black setting not saving
  5. Resolve: Abbreviate user name in titleblock
  6. Resolve: connection undo/redo where a run is reversed
  7. Resolve: user highlight and selection color setting

Visual Solutions 1.0.56 (1/4/2017) Happy New Year!
  1. Resolve: Auto save on unsaved projects
  2. Resolve: Date not matching in title block
  3. Resolve: moving a cross design connection label doesn't update the arrow, undo doesn't remove labels from both designs
  4. Resolve: Selection filters effecting snap when all selection filters are turned off
  5. Update: Update 3rd party control that is thought to resolve handle exception

Visual Solutions 1.0.55 (12/21/2016)
  1. Feature: Right Click + Control to pan
  2. Change: GWY products are not allowed to be children anymore, they must be the system parent
  3. Resolve:Fresco gets a TS label
  4. Resolve: 0 length array in gdi+ symbol draw causes crash

Visual Solutions 1.0.54 (12/15/2016)
  1. Feature: Wipe out behind attributes
  2. Feature: Right click a zone name to remove the zone
  3. Resolve: Use gdi to draw symbol images
  4. Resolve: nAR40 and nshade labels
  5. Improve: handling thousands of text entities
  6. Resolve: protect against trying to draw lines with less than 2 vertices in GDI
  7. Resolve: Null check for symbol designer attribute display
  8. Resolve: Default text size in print designer
  9. Resolve: Add system controller riser logic
  10. Resolve: Protect mid run reversals in connections
  11. Resolve: Bridge in connections drop down showing the wrong number of free ports

Known Issues

  1. zoom to room or zone can be slow

Visual Solutions 1.0.53 (12/13/2016)
  1. Resolve: connection issue when there are multiple designs where productID's are reused
  2. Resolve: Appearance of cropped drawings in print designer

Known Issues

  1. Possible to make 'bad connections' by incorporating the end of one run in the middle of another run
  2. Bridge free ports in dropdown can be incorrect of bridge is in another design

Visual Solutions 1.0.52 (12/7/2016) Public
  1. Feature: Wipe out behind attributes
  2. Feature: Right click a zone name to remove the zone
  3. Resolve: Prod selection side bar locks up
  4. Resolve: layer state time delay
  5. Resolve: index out of range when opening the symbol designer
  6. Resolve: Distance override change with no connection present crash
  7. Resolve: Deleting a product in multiple zones would only remeove the product reference from 1 zone
  8. Resolve: Product attributes in print did not match color shown in openGL
  9. Resolve: Image frame orientation change had no effect in openGL

Known Issues

  1. nar40 and nshade don't get a label
  2. cropped drawing views don't behave correctly in opengl
  3. importing DWG files with 40k+ text entities can cause a significant slow down or out of memory error

Visual Solutions 1.0.51 (11/30/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Selecting a room or zone zooms the designer to that region
  2. Resolve: gwy to brg connections can go either way
  3. Resolve: renaming a print page does not rename the print packet
  4. Resolve: 'bridge tags' to gateways get a GW instead of BR
  5. Resolve: RM products get a label
  6. Resolve: wsd and wsx get a SO label instead of OS
  7. Resolve: Quick search blanks out
  8. Resolve: Nested hub risers have labels that make it look like a circular reference

Visual Solutions 1.0.50 (11/28/2016) - Beta Candidate Public
  1. Resolve: ncm labeling

Known Issues

  1. NRM products don't get a correct label

Visual Solutions 1.0.49 (11/28/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Crash when place and orient command is canceled
  2. Resolve: null ref preventing schedule from loading in the case of generic riser folder missing
  3. Resolve: Changing the lbl as you place NEF blocks results in missing riser
  4. Resolve: Changing connected product coordinate in properties doesn't update connection endpoints

Visual Solutions 1.0.48 (11/22/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Place and orient gets a orthogonal hint line if you snap to line or rectangle
  2. Feature: Product search ignores white space
  3. Feature: Double click center button to zoom all
  4. Resolve: Indicate bridge riser page in menu
  5. Resolve: Multiple riser runs in room riser overlapping
  6. Resolve: Sensor Switch default product lbls
  7. Resolve: Arc entities bounds determination
  8. Resolve: Viewport 'To Scale' unresponsive
  9. Resolve: Multiple print pages added when add page clicked in print designer
  10. Resolve: Erase Undo/Redo doesn't redo
  11. Resolve: Imported layer default editability
  12. Resolve: Imported arc line weight incorrect

Visual Solutions 1.0.47 (11/8/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Improve place and orient
  2. Feature: Titleblock logo is read from dwg file
  3. Feature: Indicate risers that have been placed in print
  4. Resolve: Multiple riser runs in room riser overlapping

Known Issues

  1. Erase undo does not redo correctly
  2. Multiple dis connected runs in a single room can have incorrect row spacing depending on number of columns
  3. Imported arcs can have incorrect line weight
  4. Some sensor switch products do not get 'XX' style label
  5. Bridge risers do not indicate what page they are on
  6. New page btn on print designer can add multiple pages

Visual Solutions 1.0.46 (11/4/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Riser wire logic on right vertical when npanel present
  2. Resolve: Room delete undo causes products to delete
  3. Resolve: Connection error when trying to connect products that don't accept cat5 connections
  4. Resolve: Sensor pattern cropping based on symbol center not insertion point
  5. Resolve: Improve title block scaling
  6. Removed: Riser designer
  7. Feature: Excel export from schedule

Visual Solutions 1.0.45 (10/?/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Riser wire logic on right vertical when npanel present
  2. Resolve: Hub child number on ports
  3. Resolve: NEF in riser string format crash
  4. Resolve: nested block/product color in opengl
  5. Resolve: Hub riser for hub or gwy connected
  6. Resolve: hidden room labels showing up in printed output
  7. Resolve: Properties stacking for unrelated entities
  8. Resolve: connections not allowed from a 1 to a unconnected to a 1
  9. Resolve: new dumpdwg import compatibility
  10. Resolve: default to arch E paper for printers

Visual Solutions 1.0.44 (10/11/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Prevent potential index out of range error on schedule designer
  2. Resolve: Nested HUB riser logic
  3. Resolve: Show port/room on port/room risers where applicable
  4. Resolve: Fix right side riser wire for npanel
  5. Resolve: Protect gdi from arc of ~0 size
  6. Resolve: Room labels as rooms are added
  7. Resolve: Generic products have no manufacturer
  8. Resolve: Schedule copies add (copy)
  9. Resolve: Schedule saves changes to manufacturer column

Visual Solutions 1.0.43 (10/4/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: npanel more fully supported, load properties, riser
  2. Feature: Catalog toggle to display catalog below products
  3. Feature: Add Generic Relay, Sensor, Luminaire, Button Station
  4. Feature: Copy a product definition in the schedule
  5. Feature: All products have connection logic, max child count used instead of default 1
  6. Feature: Added nlight and nlightAir flags to connectivity properties
  7. Resolve: npanel riser block attributes
  8. Resolve: room label ui added back, resolve behavior with move,rotate, copy
  9. Resolve: crash when copying bridges
  10. Resolve: Default room label repeating 'A'
  11. Resolve: Default zone label repeating 'A'
  12. Resolve: Exception message when quick search unavailable

Visual Solutions 1.00.42 (09/29/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Arc color in block
  2. Resolve: Hide room label command UI until copy/move issues resolved

Visual Solutions 1.00.41 (09/27/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Show no internet connection warning
  2. Resolve: error relating to one note printer
  3. Resolve: repeated products in hub riser
  4. Resolve: blockdef delete redo creating duplicate ents

Visual Solutions 1.00.0040 (09/26/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: If products have a tag, it is shown in riser next to label
  2. Resolve: Show child bridges off of hub bridge riser
  3. Resolve: Improve redo to account for added back block defs eg rev cloud
  4. Resolve: Network endpoint address

Visual Solutions 1.00.0039 (09/26/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Room names on bridge ports
  2. Resolve: Room label manager added to undo token
  3. Resolve: Export overwrite
  4. Resolve: Network endpoint unavailable message

Visual Solutions 1.00.0038 (09/21/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Fuzzy product search
  2. Feature: Product search changed to folder structure
  3. Resolve: Bridge port crash
  4. Resolve: Rev cloud undo
  5. Resolve: Default mounting height for wallstations
  6. Resolve: Don't show ring label for rings keyed to height 0

Visual Solutions 1.00.0037 (09/20/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Changing room label text renames room
  2. Resolve: Imported arc color
  3. Resolve: Exported product attribute color
  4. Resolve: SymbolDesigner null ref crash
  5. Resolve: background image preventing display of attributes

Visual Solutions 1.00.0036 (09/19/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Riser symbol text alignment
  2. Resolve: Network component risers
  3. Resolve: default placed images at z=-1 to prevent overlap issues
  4. Resolve: Export complex splines

Visual Solutions 1.00.0035 (09/14/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Room label generation
  2. Resolve: Import/Export text alignment
  3. Resolve: Arc import
  4. Resolve: Arc rotation
  5. Resolve: Block export supports multiple attributes
  6. Resolve: Product search clear button now at end of search box

Visual Solutions 1.00.0034 (09/9/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Export UI added backstage
  2. Feature: Revision cloud cmd in layout
  3. Resolve: Exported text alignment
  4. Resolve: Products added to schedule when they are clicked but never placed
  5. Resolve: Scratch folder cleans up projects older than 10 days
  6. Resolve: Renamed notes not displaying
  7. Resolve: Schedule symbol not updating when label changes
  8. Resolve: Selection window outside of designer crash
  9. Resolve: Repeated 'Design 1' naming, design ordering
  10. Resolve: Print crash

Visual Solutions 1.00.0033 (09/1/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: spline dwg export (debug only)
  2. Feature: arc dwg export (debug only)
  3. Feature: block dwg export (debug only)
  4. Resolve: selection window beyond designer crash
  5. Resolve: print undo multiple times created multiple copies of pageitems
  6. feature: default letter labels for luminaires

Visual Solutions 1.00.0032 (08/26/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: text to dtext dwg export (debug only)
  2. Resolve: double click on dwg import causing selection
  3. Resolve: Missing files showing up in recent list
  4. Resolve: folder delete bug

Visual Solutions 1.00.0031 (08/24/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: Revision cloud
  2. Feature: New OpenGL debug tools
  3. Resolve: Splash screen transparency
  4. Resolve: Arcs not displaying correctly in print
  5. Resolve: Clean up unused data in ProgramData folder
  6. Reorganize print ribbon

Visual Solutions 1.00.0030 (08/22/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Feature: More detailed connection error messages, error messages stay open until user closes
  2. Resolve: Sort order in products drop down
  3. Resolve: Placed luminaires not visible until redraw
  4. Resolve: Spline edit behavior that would lead to line 'kinks'

Visual Solutions 1.00.0029 (08/19/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Crop DWG button visible
  2. Feature: Room pattern clipping turned on
  3. Resolve: window pick problems associated to room pattern clipping

Visual Solutions 1.00.0028 (08/17/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: remove ... from properties type dropdown
  2. Resolve: Legend Image distortion
  3. Resolve: Legend and Wire legend width matching
  4. Resolve: changing wire color in schedule not propagating to bridge run arrows
  5. Resolve: spline edit jumps after spine had been copied or moved

Visual Solutions 1.00.0027 (08/16/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Unable to delete recent
  2. Resolve: Duplicates in recent

Visual Solutions 1.00.0026 (08/15/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Place Riser button labels and tooltips
  2. Resolve: Image frame scale property, prevent scale of 0
  3. Resolve: add normal entity properties in print

Visual Solutions 1.00.0025 (08/11/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: new case to prevent too many children being added to a product
  2. Resolve: new connection reverse run case
  3. Resolve: unnecessary wire reset after undo when there has been a run reversal
  4. Resolve: missing lum section if recent are cleared
  5. Resolve: lbl dropping from product sidebar during place cmd

Visual Solutions 1.00.0024 (08/10/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Removed: Drawing Crop / Room pattern clipping because of selection window bug
  2. Resolve: Copied bridge run tag changing location
  3. Resolve: Moved bridge run tag moving twice as far when moved with attached product
  4. Resolve: Memory spike during connect command
  5. Resolve: Improve sensor pattern clipping behavior
  6. Resolve: Label numbering if you have cleared your recent selections
  7. Resolve: Improve HUD snap setting ui

Visual Solutions 1.00.0023 (08/9/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Add scroll bar to manage dwg note
  2. Resolve: Prevent connection reverse when there is multichild node
  3. Resolve: Improve undo move performance to prevent 2 of same key crash
  4. Resolve: Improve undo when deleting connected bridge product
  5. Resolve: HUD not showing snap increment initially

Visual Solutions 1.00.0022 (08/8/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Resolve: Spline behavior during rotate
  2. Resolve: Undo breaking connections
  3. Resolve: Bridge tag not deleting when tag arrow deleted
  4. Resolve: Remove product tag when tag cleared
  5. Resolve: Tag location based only on product symbol, does not account for patterns
  6. Resolve: Added connection reverse case
  7. Resolve: Improved product search clear
  8. Resolve: fixed issue with nested openGL stencils
  9. Resolve: 2D Rotate no longer changes z coord to 0
  10. Resolve: EntMgr copy, preserves ent 'bucket'
  11. Feature: Show label and catalog in product properties dropdown

Visual Solutions 1.00.0021 (08/1/2016) - Internal Build
  1. Feature: Allow two of the same product
  2. Feature: Room sensor Pattern Clipping
  3. Feature: Crop Print Layout Items
  4. Feature: Set max number of rows in print legend before wrap
  5. Feature: Import DWG Notes to print page
  6. Feature: Imported PDF/Images go on separate layer
  7. Feature: Bridge product tag change automatically updates bridge run tags
  8. Resolve: Crash when placing legend with empty catalog or description
  9. Resolve: Crash when placing a new product if an existing product has label of less than two characters
  10. Resolve: Connection tree structure issues relating to deleting bridge tags
  11. Resolve: Connection healing when product with bridge tag connection deleted
  12. Resolve: Tag location on rotated products
  13. Resolve: Duplicated properties
  14. Resolve: Note list not updating
  15. Resolve: Sensor Pattern 'dropping' when properties updated
  16. Resolve: Default labelling for combined sensors
  17. Resolve: Missing part number in riser
  18. Resolve: Place and orient for nWSX products
  19. Resolve: Crash when image insert cancelled
  20. Resolve: Better support for changing product block colors
  21. Resolve: Show product lbl in schedule image
  22. Resolve: reduced openGL memory allotments

Visual Solutions 1.00.0020 (07/20/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Improve lineweight and leader arrow size in print
  2. Label numbering now based on highest label remaining
  3. Added lbl generation for xpoint, fresco, nHW, and nSP/nSP5 productds
  4. Changed erase command behavior if using preselect
  5. Improve scale command, nscale product blocks
  6. Fix crash on image place cancel in print
  7. Improve update frequency for project explorer and print preview

Visual Solutions 1.00.0019 (07/13/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Prevent user saves to default template folder
  2. Updated Erase hints for clarity
  3. Added debug crosshair capability for initial internal testing [debug only]
  4. Change how print pageitem's are moved so that move is saved to object immediately instead of only when the page refreshes

Visual Solutions 1.00.0018 (07/12/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Improved rotate preview
  2. Improved display of splines on integrated graphics cards
  3. Show CAT5 lengths broken out by standard lengths, actual straight line *1.1 rounded up to nearest std length
  4. Added help information to backstage

Visual Solutions 1.00.0017 (07/08/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. Fixed product schedule save issue
  2. Fixed RiserPageItem save issue
  3. Fixed bug in labeling
  4. Fixed combobox index 0 issue
  5. Fixed revision history error
  6. Fixed default labels for emergency products to differentiate from non emergency
  7. Fixed port numbering in Riser by bridge port ui on print
  8. Fixed hot key zoom command select bug
  9. Improved automated label generation for non nlight products

Visual Solutions 1.00.0015 (06/29/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. With the new connect command, you can either just click products, or click a point in between products to force the ‘arc’ in that direction, OR click 2 or more times to make a ‘complicated’ spline between products, eg down a long hallway
  2. Copy now copies connections including bridge tags (as space on source bridge allows)
  3. Copy now ‘copies’ zones, so if a power pack was in Zone A, a new Zone A is created for each copy location.
  4. Move, Copy, Place all have ortho hint lines to help you align products
  5. Place and orient has hint points to help you pick 90 degree increments, and you can right click to use last orientation after you place
  6. Fixed default labels for emergency products to differentiate from non emergency
  7. Changed how text height is handled to make it more accurate
  8. Circular wipeouts on circular products
  9. More error checking on connections to prevent loops through bridge
  10. Ui improvements for high dpi screens
  11. Re number bridge port numbers when a bridge connection is deleted
  12. Can indicate zone/fixt on power packs for display in riser (use properties for power pack in layout)

Visual Solutions 1.00.0000 (01/21/2016) - Beta Candidate
  1. new tiem