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Point Spacing X ft
Point Spacing Z ft


Width  [X]*   ft
Height [Z]*   ft
Base   [Z]   ft


Setback*   ft
Average fc
Minimum fc
Ave / Min  
Max / Min  


On Center Spacing ft

Target Area

Width [X] ft
Height [Z] ft
Center Offset X ft
Center Offset Z ft

Spacing Results  --

Spacing --   ft
Quantity --
Tilt --

Calculation Results  --

Minimum --  fc
Average --  fc
Maximum --  fc
Ave / Min --
Max / Min --
Point Spacing --  ft
Fixture to Surface Eff. --
Lamp to Surface Eff. --
iterations --
Points Calculated --


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The Visual Floodlight / Wallwash tool was developed to help specifiers select flood, sign, and wall lighting products. The tool only considers the direct illumination component's effect on the wall. There are no other surfaces in the calculation that may exist and affect actual results in installations. Please use Visual 2012 to perform detailed analysis for your lighting design.

If you specify a tilt angle and illuminance criteria the tool will attempt to find an on center spacing that meets your criteria. It is possible for there to be no on center spacing that can meet your criteria at the specified setback and tilt. You may also leave the tilt field blank (not zero) and allow the tool to determine an optimum tilt for your criteria. The optimum tilt will change depending on which criteria you enter. It is possible that no tilt angle can meet all your criteria, in this case an aiming point 2/3 up the wall will be returned.

You may also constrain your design to a specific on center spacing or quantity. If you enter a value in both constraints the tool will not attempt to optimize based on any illuminance criteria, instead it will return your specified design.

For guidelines on flood lighting refer to the Facade Lighting Guide or the Sign Lighting Guide

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