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Visual at Lightfair

The Visual Team will be offering a 2-day Visual 2012 training session at Lightfair 2014 in Las Vegas starting Sunday, June 1st  and Monday June 2nd. This will be an intermediate course for users familiar with Visual 2012, and will cover new features and functionality in Visual 2012 Design Environment and Print Editor. Simple and complex lighting designs will be used in a guided, hands-on experience to perform and explain electric and daylighting calculations and rendering with Visual 2012.

We will also be at the Acuity Brands booth #3808. 

You can view the complete details of this Visual 2012 training session on the Lightfair 2014 website at: Lightfair 2014

Introducing the Simple Economic Tool

The Simple Economic Tool can be used for quick and simple electricity savings only analysis. The tool will also calculate Simple Payback and the Cost of Waiting. The Simple Economic Tool generates a one page report that you can print or share the report link with others to view and print.

Visual 2.6 Discontinued

Visual 2.6 is no longer supported by the Visual Support Center as of May 2014. Visual 2012 replaces Visual 2.6, however the Visual 2.6 download will remain available for customers who are unable to run Visual 2012. No code updates will be provided for Visual 2.6, the software is provided as is.

The Visual 2.6 program can be downloaded from the Visual website or by clicking here.

Product Selection Guide

The new Product Selection makes it easier to find Acuity Brands products and related product data such as product images, spec sheets, photometric reports and luminaire models. The Product Selection incorporates a searchable Acuity Brands photometric database that automatically updates when new products are released.

Aim to Surface

The Aim to Surface command is a great feature to use for floodlighting designs to help you aim the luminaire onto a specific surface. Visual automatically determines when the mouse is located over a surface and temporarily changes the active plane to the plane of the surface. When the mouse is clicked the aiming point is located in the plane of that surface.

Please click here to view how the aim to surface command works in Visual 2012.

Changing the font size of calculation zones and labels

Now you can change the font size of calculation points and luminaire labels displayed within the Visual Design Environment and Print Editor.

Design Environment

In the Design Environment, the system font size can be changed in Settings.
   1. From the Tools tab of the Ribbon bar, select Settings
   2. In Setting, select the Environment tab
   3. You will see the System Fonts textbox located in the lower left.
   4. The default size is 7, you can adjust the value higher or lower. Please note that changes in

Print Editor

In the Print Editor, the font size can be changed in Properties sidebar.

  1. Insert one of the Drawing views.
  2. Left click on the drawing to select it.
  3. The Properties tab on the right will display the Font Size section.
  4. Click into the field to make size adjustments.

Vellum LED luminaires from PeerlessĀ®

With a sleek form designed specifically for this luminaire's innovative source, Vellum delivers on the promise of LED lighting by combining simple, yet sophisticated design with practical efficiency to produce extraordinary illumination. Featuring a remarkably low-profile housing that encases an ultra-thin edge-lit lens, Vellum luminaires suspend with discreet style from ceilings in commercial offices, retail spaces, academic institutions as well as hospitality and healthcare settings.


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