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New Visual Roadway Tool™

The Visual Team is pleased to annouce the new Visual Roadway Tool, the latest addition to the web based Visual Design Tools. The Roadway Tool works with any computer or mobile device with a web browser and internet connection.

The Roadway Tool calculates the optimal spacing for poles along a roadway based on the criteria and procedures defined by the IES RP 8 2007 and BS EN 13201 for roadway lighting. Features of the Roadway Tool include:

  • Optimize pole spacing in both directions of travel simultaneously
  • Calculations can include adjacent bike lane and sidewalks
  • Uses the latest recommended calculation procedures ( IES RP 8 2007, BS EN 13201)
  • Save and Open your design to your computer or Dropbox cloud storage
  • Two page printable report
  • A video tutorial is available on the toolbar of the tool and on the Training Videos page on the Visual website. Or, you can click the button below.

    Visual Design Tools - Save Your Designs

    You now have the ability to save your design in all of the Visual Design Tools.

    To save your design click File > Save. A formatted XML file with all your design data is saved. To open your saved file click File > Open and navigate to the saved file on your computer or Dropbox cloud storage.

    Visual Design Tools and Dropbox

    The Visual Design Tools now integrate with Dropbox. Dropbox is a leader in cloud based storage, providing free annd secure storage of your files from any computer or compatible mobile device. Visit to learn more or sign up for a free account with 2GB of storage.

    By integrating the Visual Design Tools with Dropbox you can save your design files from any mobile device to open later on any other mobile device. You can also select photometric files from your Dropbox account to perform product comparisons from any mobile device.

    For example, you could use the Visual Design Tools on your iPad to create a design and save the associated design file to your Dropbox account. Then when you return to the office you can open the design file from Dropbox and print the results.

    To learn more about Visual Design Tools and Dropbox, please watch the video below.

    Import AutoCAD 2013 DWG/DXF

    The Visual 2.6 Professional Edition software has been updated to import AutoCAD 2013 DWG/DXF file formats. You can download this update to Visual 2.6 by clicking the download button below:

    Visual 2012 Training at Lightfair

    The Visual Team will be offering a Visual 2012 training session at Lightfair 2013 in Philadelphia on Sunday, April 21st. This will be an intermediate course for users familiar with Visual 2.6 or Visual 2012, and will cover new features and functionality in Visual 2012 Design Environment and Print Editor. Simple and complex lighting designs will be used in a guided, hands-on experience to perform and explain electric and daylighting calculations and rendering with Visual 2012.

    You can view the complete details of this Visual 2012 training session on the Lightfair 2013 website at: Visual 2012 training at Lightfair 2013

    VRR LED Luminaire

    VRR LED is the first LED wet-location recessed product from Lithonia Lighting. While its current form factor is designed for a 1' x 1' space, a 2' x 2' grid adapter is available for those spaces requiring a larger fixture. The VRR LED is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including retail malls, under canopy, bank drive-thrus, soffits, gas stations and schools.


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