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NEW Visual Website

The Visual Team has launched a new website at The new site provides easy access to the new Visual lighting design tools, Visual Knowledgebase, Acuity Brands photometry, BIM Models and Visual Support .

Lighting Design Tools

The web based Visual Lighting Design Tools have been redesigned to improve usability and allow you to compare multiple lighting product solutions for your lighting design. The luminaire information has been moved to the bottom of the interface to allow you to select and compare multiple products. To add another luminaire, select the + on the tab in the luminaire section.

Area Tool

The Area Tool calculates the optimal spacing between four poles based on a desired illuminance criteria or a defined user spacing.

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Floodlighting Tool

The Floodlighting Tool calculates the number of luminaires and tilt angle required to meet a desired illuminance for exterior vertical surfaces.

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Interior Tool

The Interior Tool calculates the number of luminaires needed to meet an average illuminance on a workplane for a simple rectangular room. The Interior Tool can also be used to determine the illuminance level achieved by a specified power density or luminaire quantity.

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Template Tool

The Template Tool can be used to view iso-illuminance templates. You can simultaneously compare the templates or point by point illuminance differences of two luminaires to evalute photometric performance.

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Wallwash Tool

The Wallwash Tool calculates the number of luminaires and optimal tilt required to illuminate an interior surface based on a desired illuminance level.

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With a ceramic metal halide lamp and electronic ballast, the RHMC and RHPG highbays offer better illumination (CRI of 90+), an updated look, lower maintenance costs (boasting a 30,000-hour rated life) and can be installed in multiple applications such as retail, warehouses, showrooms, gymnasiums.

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