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AutoCAD 2010

The Visual Professional Edition can now import AutoCAD 2010 DWG and DXF files. Please download the latest Visual setup at the Visual website or clicking on the download link below.

Download latest Visual 2.6 setup
Visual Photometric Tool

The Visual Photometric Tool is a web-based tool that allows you to view and compare photometric files. You can quickly search the entire Acuity Brands Lighting photometric database by catalog or test number. With the Visual Photometric Tool, you can even view any IES formatted file saved on your computer or a network location.

Click here or on the picture below to launch the Visual Photometric tool. The tool can also be accessed from the Visual website at

To view a video on how to use the Visual Photometric Tool, click the button below.

RELOC in your lighting design

The Visual Professional Edition can be used to place a RELOC symbol into your lighting design. The RELOC symbol is installed with Visual version 2.06.206 or higher. The steps listed below will guide you in placing a RELOC symbol into your lighting design. To learn more, click on the Watch Video button below.

  1. Select New from the Luminaire Schedule to chose a new photometric file. You can select any photometric file.
  2. Enter a Light Loss Factor of 0 to eliminate any light output from the photometric file.
  3. Click on the symbol of the new schedule item to launch the Symbol Editor.
  4. Select Standard Cable from the Models listbox.
  5. Configure the length and width of the RELOC cable. Orientation and color are optional.
  6. The label, catalog number and description columns should to be updated with RELOC information.
  7. Place the RELOC symbol into your Visual design using the Place command.

Updated Sensor Switch Files

The Sensor Switch files has been updated with Hi-Bay Sensors. To get the latest files, download the full installation of the Visual software from the Visual website. Instructions on placing the Sensor Switch files are listed below and are included in the Watch Video link.

  1. Select Schedule from the Luminaire menu.
  2. Select the New button on the Schedule to display the File dialog.
  3. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Visual 2.0\Program\Models\Sensors" folder to select a .SEN file.
  4. The Sensor Switch pattern will be added as an item in the Schedule, select OK on the Schedule.
  5. Select Place from the Luminaire menu to insert a Sensor Switch coverage pattern into your lighting design.

For more information on Sensor Switch products, please visit

Introducing Gotham Microflange™

In spaces where a minimalist design is preferred, the ceiling becomes a large design element to consider. Standard downlights, even with painted flanges, often do not meet the design objectives of the application. Although “flangeless” trims have been around for many years, architects and designers are somewhat hesitant to specify them due to difficulties in installation and the likelihood of the ceiling cracking and chipping around the finishing trim. With the Gotham "Microflange" option, these concerns are addressed with a unique approach utilizing a fiberglass-reinforced gypsum interface board.

This new option allows the contractor to easily mud to the edge of the trim for a clean, minimal look, while providing a robust method of installation that integrates fixture and ceiling. As a result, stresses that can lead to unsightly ceiling cracks and chipping at the transition point between ceiling and mounting frame are minimized. The new Microflange option – MFLG – is now available with all Gotham Squares fixtures.


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