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Placing Sensor Switch in Visual

You can now use Visual to add Sensor Switch to your lighting project. Sensor Switch files (SEN files) are included with the latest release of Visual 2.6 (2.06.0193). These Sensor Switch files include a sensor coverage pattern to assist with optimum placement of sensors in your design.

  1. From the Luminaire menu, select Schedule
  2. Select the New button on the Schedule to display the File dialog
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Visual 2.0\Program\Models\Sensors folder to select a SEN file
  4. The Sensor Switch pattern will be added as an item in the Schedule, select OK on the Schedule
  5. From the Luminaire menu, select Place to insert a Sensor Switch coverage pattern into your lighting design

For more information on Sensors, please visit

To view a video on where the sensor files are located and how to place sensors in your Visual design, please click the button below.

Power Zone Command

In today’s environment for energy compliance the designer needs to be aware of the most energy efficient systems available. Whether you’re comparing just one system to another or trying for code compliance, the power density command allows you to quickly verify the total wattage per sq. ft for all project types. Be sure to reference current lamp and ballast catalogues for accurate wattages, especially for fluorescent lighting designs. The photometric files do not always represent the latest lamp/ballast combinations available. The Power Zone command can be found under the Calculations menu.

When should you make objects uneditable in Visual?

Making objects uneditable in Visual is useful when you need the object(s) to show in the design environment as a reference, but don’t want to inadvertently move or change the objects as you're working on your design. Objects made uneditable will appear grayed out in the design. The uneditable state is selected by clicking on the dropdown arrow of any of the object types icons.

The New Z Strip

For over 40 years, the standard striplight has remained the same. Until now . . . introducing the new Z Striplight from Lithonia Lighting. With contractor-friendly features like a fastener-less channel cover, three-point row aligner and snap on end plates, the “Z” becomes the new standard delivering a balance of both performance and configurability. Offered in both T8 and T5 lamp types, this new low profile design will provide designers with the flexibility they need while improving contractor installation time.

The new Z Strip is the most versatile solution for commercial, retail, manufacturing, warehouse, cove and display applications.


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