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Visual Integrates with Bentley Building Electrical Systems

If you use Bentley Building Electrical Systems (BBES) software, you can now export building geometry and design data from the BBES model into the Visual lighting design software.

  1. Build your model in the Bentley Building Electrical Systems software
  2. Select the Visual button in BBES to export the model to Visual
  3. Within Visual, you can select lighting products and perform a comprehensive lighting analysis
  4. Select Export in Visual to integrate your lighting design back into your BBES model

Want to make a change? Just select the Visual button in BBES again and all existing model and luminaire data will be exported to Visual for you to modify your lighting design.

For more information on Bentley Building Electrical Systems and how you can evaluate the software for free for 30 days, please click on the button below.

Introducing Acuity Brands Lighting 3D Models

Acuity Brands Lighting has published a starter set of 3D models that includes a cross-section of their most popular luminaires. The 3D models can easy be integrated into your REVIT lighting project. New 3D models will be added each month to provide a comprehensive library of luminaires. To download the Acuity Brands Lighting 3D models, click on the button below.

How do I replace my existing CAD file with a new CAD file?

You can easily update your existing lighting design if you have an new CAD file to use for your background. Follow these steps to delete the old background and import a new one.

  1. Within the Visual file, make all objects uneditable except the background objects
  2. Select the Erase command to delete the existing background objects
  3. From the File menu select Import and retrieve the updated CAD file
  4. The updated background will import into your existing Visual file

Photopic and Scotopic lumens - 4: When the photopic lumen fails us
Lessons in Lighting by David DiLaura

When should we use scotopic lumens? Never. There are no practical situations involving lighting or lighting design where the occupants or users of a space are sufficiently dark adapted and using only their peripheral vision so that the scotopic luminous efficiency function would be a useful predictor of the visual effect of radiant power. But clearly, never using the scotopic lumen does not mean we should always use the photopic lumen. The first important case where we really should not be using the photopic lumen is when we are adapted to twilight light levels and our visual system is functioning between scotopic and photopic modes – so called mesopic vision. Figure one shows a schematic representation of the huge range of adaptation in which we can function.

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ECOS™ LED – Lighting the Next Generation

Gotham is very excited to introduce the next breakthrough in recessed lighting with the Ecos™ family of LED performance downlights. Gotham has made major advances in LED optical and thermal engineering, enabling Ecos to deliver performance comparable to commonly used 26W and 32W CFL downlights. Ecos is a simple, beautiful and eco-friendly lighting solution that satisfies a broad range of commercial and architectural applications—all of which makes Ecos a clearly superior alternative to conventional downlighting systems.

Product Features and Benefits

Complete Product Family – Ecos is available in 4” and 6” recessed downlights, including wallwash, and optional trims and trim colors are available. EL/ELR emergency battery back-up and an optional Simply5™ energy management system are also available.

Optical Performance – The Ecos design is uniquely enabled by the most advanced LED technology, combined with innovative optical design and reflective materials, to deliver lumens comparable to traditional 26W and 32W CFL downlights. This level of performance allows interchangeability with today’s most commonly used downlighting tools.

Sustainable, Upgradeable Design – Ecos uses a unique patent-pending design that can be easily maintained and upgraded to provide years of reliable, optimal service.

Extended Warranty – Gotham is pleased to offer a three-year limited warranty on Ecos products.


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