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Visual Support Center - New Service Hours

Starting October 6, 2008, Acuity Brands Lighting will be moving to a compressed work schedule (Monday thru Thursday 7am to 6pm). The Visual Support Center service hours will change based on this company policy. The Visual Support Center will be available Monday thru Thursday 7:30am - 5:30 pm and Friday 8:00 am - 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Please email all technical support questions/issues to

Selecting the best distribution for your exterior projects
Lighting Design Basics by Jim Eads

This is the first in a series of articles to discuss basic lighting design principles to provide a broader understanding of issues that can affect a lighting design. Although this information is very simplistic, the end goal is to improve the lighting quality for each of your lighting projects. In addition, you may be able to better address concerns for spill light, uniformity and overall project costs.

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How do I change the text height for calculation zones in AutoCAD?

The text size of the calculation zone can be adjusted in AutoCAD after exporting your Visual file. Follow the steps listed below to adjust the size.

    1. Open your exported CAD file in AutoCAD
    2. Click on any calculation zone number on the grid
    3. On the Command line type ‘properties’
    4. The VSL_CALCULATIONVALUES layer should open
    5. Click on the ‘Quick Select’ icon
    6. 'Apply To' box select Entire Drawing
    7. 'Object type' box select Multiple
    8. 'Properties' box select Layer
    9. 'Operator' box select Equals
    10. 'Value' box select VSL-CALCULATIONVALUES
    11. Under the TEXT section enter your custom ‘HEIGHT’
    12. Close the Properties box

Photopic and Scotopic Lumens - 3: The Modern Lumen
Lessons in Lighting by David DiLaura

The definition of the lumen that we now use was established in 1924 by international agreement that was obtained by delegates to the CIE meeting of that year. Though the values that define it have been tinkered with over the years, and changes have been proposed, the definition – and the concept behind it – have not changed in more than 80 years. Twenty-five years after the adoption of the photopic lumen, the identical concept and procedures were used to generate a set of data the defined the scotopic lumen, and the CIE gave it’s approval to this in 1951. The photopic data, and the process of using it to define the amount of light emitted by commercial electric light sources, was used almost without question for 50 years. Then, prompted in part by the energy crisis of the 1970s, new experiments began to show that brightness, as perceived in everyday settings, not the laboratory, did not correlate well with the number of lumens involved.

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Relight your environment with RT5R VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING

With RT5 relight fixtures, you can upgrade your existing building to a lighting system that delivers the quality, performance and energy savings of RT5 volumetric lighting. These renovation kits allow for easy one-to-one fixture replacement, helping you realize your building's potential without having to replace the entire lighting system.

A refreshing change RT5 relight fixtures bring a refreshing look to your ceiling and the space they light. The smooth lines and measured proportions of RT5 fixtures create a look that is pleasing to the eye without drawing undue attention to the ceiling.

An EFFICIENT operation

  • Energy consumption is lowered by as much as 60% when compared to four - lamp T12 fixtures
  • Fewer, longer-life lamps result in reduced maintenance and disposal costs
  • Step-dim or full-range control options provide additional operational efficiency and flexibility
  • An Engaging atmosphere RT5 volumetric relighting creates a more pleasant environment, eliminating the shadowy cave effect created by parabolic lighting. With this unique distribution of light, faces are well-defined, and eyes are bright and lively. By controlling high-angle light, RT5 fixtures eliminate glare for the most widely used monitors and software.

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