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Can I convert a PDF to a CAD file format?

There is software available that can convert a PDF file to a DXF file format. There are limitations to all PDF to DXF conversion software. The PDF file may need to be a high-quality vector based PDF file to generate a clean DXF file. When the DXF file is imported into Visual the drawing will need to be scaled to the appropriate dimensions.

You can perform an internet search on 'PDF to DXF' to find conversion software. The Visual Support Center uses the Aide PDF to DXF Converter, you can download a trial version at

Installing Visual on Windows Vista

If you receive this error message when attempting to run Visual on Windows Vista "Visual 2.6 executable not working in Vista", simply follow these instructions to resolve this issue:

  1. Start Windows Explorer
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Visual 2.0\Program
  3. Right-click on VisualMain.exe and select Properties
  4. Select the Compatibility tab
  5. Select 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 95'
  6. Select 'Disable visual themes'
  7. Select 'Run this program as administrator'
  8. Select OK

You may need to perform this procedure for the Visual Basic Edition (LumenMethod.exe) and the Roadway Lighting Tool (LTRoadwayTool.exe)

New Visual Website:

The Visual website has been upgraded and moved to This means the Visual Support Center email has been changed to (yes, finally a shorter email address that is easy to remember).

Photopic and Scotopic Lumens - 2: A Bit of History
Lessons in Lighting by David DiLaura

Is there a good reason to consider the historical development of our current definition of the lumen? The answer is not obvious. In our hurtling, warp-speed, instant-this and instant-that world, it may seem that we have no time for history; it is all we can do to come to grips with the latest whiz-bangery. And in the press of commerce we may come to agree with Henry Ford when he famously said “History is bunk.” But the Spanish-born American philosopher George Santayana (1853-1952) warned us: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We can be more specific: A clear idea of where the lumen comes from and how it came to be defined deepens our understanding of this fundamental concept, helps us use it correctly, protects us from fads and humbug, gives us the hard-won clarity achieved by early workers in this field, and generates a healthy skepticism about the universal use of the lumen. Thus, a bit of history.

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Volumetric Lighting Meets LED Technology in the New RT5D LED

Combining the style and performance of RT5™ volumetric lighting with long-life LED technology, you get the best of both worlds — an energy-efficient fixture that delivers soft, even illumination and is environmentally friendly. Lithonia Lighting is proud to introduce the new RT5D LED volumetric downlight for your contemporary lighting designs.


  • Reduces maintenance costs with a 50,000-hour lamp life.
  • Provides a substantial amount of quality light — 1700 delivered lumens at 3500K.
  • Patent-pending thermal-dynamic control ensures cool running LEDs.
  • Complements the RT5 Family of products.
  • Works with SIMPLY5™ step dimming — available soon.

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