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Modifying a Luminaire Schedule

Did you know you can modify a luminaire schedule before inserting it into your final drawings? Any columns or rows that you don’t want to include in your final drawings can be removed from the Luminaire Schedule in the Print Editor. In addition, a luminaire that has different optics (photometric files) can be expanded to show all of the optics associated with the luminaire.

To Hide/Show a Row:

  1. Double-click the Luminaire Schedule to open the Luminaire Schedule Editor
  2. .
  3. To hide a row, left-click on the row and select Exclude. The row will appeared grayed out.
  4. To show a row, left-click on the row and select Include.
  5. Select OK

To Hide/Show a Column:

  1. To hide a column, left-click on the column name. (i.e. File) The column name will appeared grayed out.
  2. To show a column, left-click on the column name.
  3. Select OK

To Expand/Collapse a Luminaire:

  • To display all luminaires for a luminaire configuration, left-click on the Luminaire symbol, then select Expand from the Format menu .
  • To hide all luminaires for a luminaire configuration, left-click on the Luminaire symbol, then select Collapse from the Format menu .

What is the Illuminance Selection Tool?

To launch the Illuminance Selection Tool, click on the Tools menu and select IES Recommendations.

The Illuminance Selection tool allows for you to search for IES recommended illuminance levels for specific applications. Left-click on a category and related subcategory to find the desired application. Once an application has been selected, the IES recommended Horizontal and Vertical Illuminance levels will appear to the left. Any related notes will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Customizing a Title Block

You can design and save a customized Title Block to be used as your default Title Block in the Print Editor. When you launch the Title Block Editor, the default image is the Visual logo. You can import your company logo (JPG, GIF, BMP or WMF), edit all the text fields and then select Save as Default from the File menu. Now, each time you insert a Title Block it will default to your customized Title Block.

es8™: High-Performance T8 Lighting

es8™ lighting represents a breakthrough in fluorescent systems, fusing high-performance T8 technology with an extremely efficient and comfortable distribution of light. Unlike common parabolic fixtures employing three standard-life, standard-output T8 lamps, es8 systems use just two long-life, high-efficiency, superior color-rendering lamps. Compared to standard three-lamp fixtures, es8 provides:

  • Energy savings up to 44% compared to standard three-lamp fixtures
  • Power density as low as 0.60 w/ft²
  • Improved balance between vertical and horizontal light levels
  • Uses 44% fewer lamps over the fixture life cycle
  • Durable all steel construction is easily recycled at end-of-life
  • Simple payback in approximately 30 months
es8 is available in 2x2 and 2x4 versions.