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Creating a Snap Shot

A Snap Shot allows you to capture part of your design to insert in the Print Editor. For example, you can use a snap shot to show only the sign lighting for a large exterior design. Follow the steps below to create and insert a Snap Shot onto a page in the Print Editor:

  1. Click on the Tools menu, select Snap Shot and New.
  2. Type a description of the Snap Shot in the Description text box at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the objects to be included in the snap shot (Note: The Snap Shot will be generated at the view used to create the Snap Shot.)
  4. Right click to complete the command.

To insert the Snap Shot onto a page in the Print Editor:

  1. From the Print Editor, click on the Insert menu, select Illustration, Snap Shot and the name of the snap shot.
  2. Left click to select the first corner of the window to insert the snap shot. Create the window to the desired size of the snap shot.
  3. Left click to select the second corner of the window and place the snap shot. (Tip: the Snap Shot can be resized by double-clicking on it and changing the scale in the Illustration Editor.)

Why Use a Statistical Zone?

A Statistical Zone is useful for calculating the lighting level for a specified area of a larger calculation zone. For example, you can insert a calculation zone over a parking area and then create a Statistical Zone to display calculated values for only the drive lane. To create a Statistical Zone:

  1. Click on the Calculations menu, select Statistical Zone and either Rectangular, Polygonal or Surface depending upon the geometry of your design.
  2. Left-click to select the calculation zone where the Statistical Zone will be created.
  3. Right click to complete the selection process.
  4. Draw the boundary for the Statistical Zone.
  5. Right click to complete the command.

How do I Combine Calculation Zones?

You may have multiple calculation zones in a design in which you want to see an overall statistic for all calculation zones. You can combine statistics for Calculation Zones in the Statistics Window by doing the following:

  1. Click on the name of the Calculation Zones you wish to combine.
  2. Click on the combine button in the upper left hand corner of the Statistics window (i.e see illustration below.)
  3. Right click to complete the command. A combined statistics summary will appear in the Statistics window.

Discover the Essence of Underwater Color

Hydrel , the industry leader in underwater, in-grade, and floodlighting technology, is proud to announce the Lightfair International, Best of Category Award Winning 4426 series. The 60-watt LED swimming pool and fountain luminaire combines rugged construction with superior LED performance. The 4426 series is available in Monochromatic LED and RGB LED array to create DMX controlled dynamic color. The DMX control module employs Hydrel’s exclusive sensory thermal management system which yields lumen life up to 50,000 hours, exceeding any other fixture design in the marketplace.

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