Visual Newsletter
Update to Visual 2.5 Supports AutoCAD 2007 Files

An update to Visual 2.5 is now available for download on the Visual website. The update provides support for importing AutoCAD 2007 files into Visual. To download this update, please click on the update button below:

Visual 2.5 is Compatible with Windows Vista

Based on our internal testing and feedback from Visual users, we have not discovered any incompatibility issues with Visual 2.5 and Windows Vista.

Merging Visual Files

Did you know that objects from one Visual file can be imported into another Visual file? For example, you could construct a library of objects in one Visual file and then import these objects as needed into other Visual files (each object should be created in a separate Visual file). To import a Visual file into an existing Visual file:

  1. Click on the File menu, and select Import.
  2. Click on the Files of Type drop down menu arrow and select Visual File (*.VSL)
  3. Select the file you want to import and click on Import.

  4. Select Import again. (Tip: You can turn on or off any objects before importing the file into Visual by clicking the box next to the object types.)

  5. Select an insertion point by either entering the coordinates in the command line or by clicking the left mouse button.

Converting Object Types

At any time during the design process, you have the ability to change a closed Background object to a Solid object, if you need the object to block and reflect light. Likewise, a Solid object can be converted to a Background object, if you no longer desire for that object to contribute to your lighting calculation. To convert between Background and Solid object types:

  1. Click on the Modify menu, select Convert and Background or Solid.
  2. Left click on the desired object to be converted.
  3. Right click to convert the object to a Solid or Background Object and to complete the command.

Introducing the Omero™ Post Top Luminaire (MRP)

The contemporary design of the Omero™ Post-Top offers an alternative design aesthetic to traditional arm mounting. Presenting an inspired, architectural shape, Omero™ Post-Top reveals a flawless balance in both its sleek profile and fluid transition from luminaire to pole. The Post-top provides a variety of superior optical distributions designed to perform in pedestrian environments.