Visual Newsletter
Placing Luminaires with Multiple Optics on Same Pole

Occasionally, an exterior lighting project may require you to use a luminaire configuration with multiple optics on the same pole. To build a luminaire configuration with multiple optics, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Luminaire menu and select Schedule.
  2. In the Luminaire Schedule, select the New button to add a luminaire.
  3. Select the desired photometric file for the luminaire from the dialog box.
  4. Left click on the luminiaire symbol for the luminaire to launch the Symbol Editor.
  5. In the Symbol Editor, select Configuration and then select Twin.
  6. Select OK to close the Symbol Editor.
  7. Select the Expand button to view the associated optics (photometric file) for each luminaire.
  8. From the File column, select the folder icon of the luminaire you want to change. This will allow you to select another photometric file for the associated luminaire.

Changing Room Reflectance Values

When you initially construct a room, Visual allows you to enter surface reflectances for the floor, walls and ceiling. If you need to change the reflectances after you constructed the room, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Edit menu and select Properties.
  2. Your cursor changes to a selection box. Left click on the desired room.
  3. Right click to launch the Properties dialog box.
  4. Under the Reflectance category, you can enter a new reflectance value for each surface in the room. Each surface has a front reflectance and a back reflectance, so remember to change both reflectances to the desired value.

Object Snaps

Object Snaps allow for the selection of specific geometric points on existing objects to help you create accurate drawings. Object Snap is particularly useful when working with an imported DWG/DXF file, because you can easily reference imported objects to assist with the construction of new objects and the modification of existing objects. Object snap is supported for all Background and Solid Objects.

The five types of Object Snaps available in Visual are (from left to right) Endpoint, Midpoint, Intersection, Center and Perpendicular.

To find out more information about these Object Snaps, click on the button below to view the Object Snaps instructional video from the Fundamentals section.

Introducing the Omero™ Bollard

The Omero™ Bollard from Lithonia Outdoor is a design coordinated 8” bollard that uniquely integrates the distinctive Omero aesthetic elements of concentric layers and strong linear details into low level pedestrian pathway applications. The Omero Bollard is versatile in its height, source, wattage and light distribution. The symmetric distribution creates general pathway or entrance illumination while the asymmetric optic is field adjustable to define pathways and limit spill light. Top-access electrical tray is a departure from traditional bollards allowing greater ease of maintenance. With exceptional style, versatility, performance and construction, the Omero Bollard can be incorporated into any design.