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Changing Calculation Zone Spacing

Once you have calculated your lighting design in Visual, you may discover there are not enough calcualtion points to properly represent the lighting levels. Fortunately, it is easy to change the spacing between calculation points after you have created a calculation zone. To change calculation zone spacing, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Edit menu, select Properties.
  2. Your mouse cursor changes to a selection box. Select a calculation point in the desired calculation zone with the selection box (left-click when the calculation point is inside the selection box.)
  3. Right click to launch the Properties screen.
  4. In the Properties screen, you can adjust the calculation zone spacing by selecting a new spacing from the Row Spacing and Column Spacing drop-down list or you can enter a desired spacing and press the Enter key.

Options Screen

The Options screen is where all default settings and preferences are assigned within the Visual program. Settings for calculations, contours, units, luminaires and general evironment preferences can be set in the Options screen.

To access the Options screen, go to the Tools menu and select Options. The Options screen contains a series of tabs to separate settings into related categories. To change a particular default setting or preference, left click on a desired tab to display the related content.

Tip: If you want to return to the default settings for the Visual program, select Reset and then select Save As Defaults in the Options screen.

Glossary of Lighting Definitions

The Visual help files include a glossary of lighting definitions for standard terms used in the lighting industry. To access the Glossary of Lighting Definitions:

  1. From the Help menu, select Contents.
  2. Click the Index tab and type the word “Glossary” in the command line.
  3. When the word “Glossary” appears in the contents window, double click on the word to display the Glossary of Lighting Definition’s page.

Certified Credits Awarded for Visual Training

Attendees of a Visual Professional Edition training session are eligible to receive PDH or LEU credits. 8 PDH hours are awarded for those who have a PE; 2 LEU hours for those with an LC.

If you are interested in registering for a Visual Professional Edition training session, please select the button below:

Introducing Cerra® Wall I/D from Peerless® Lighting

Cerra® Wall I/D is the latest addition to this popular wall family. The soft, curved baffle design allows light to pass through to the interior space while minimizing side-angle glare. Optional perforations may be specified along the trim for additional surface luminosity. Applications include perimeter lighting in open offices, classrooms, libraries and corridors.