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Object States and Object State Menus
Each of the four object types in Visual – Background, Solids, Calculation Zones and Luminaires - can have three states: Editable, Uneditable or Invisible
  • Editable: The object is displayed and modified.
  • Uneditable: The object is displayed in gray but cannot be modified.
  • Invisible: The object is not displayed and cannot be modified.

To change the state of any of the four Visual objects, you must use the object’s Object State dropdown button located on the toolbar. Click on the Object State dropdown button to display the contents within the Object State menu and then select the desired state for a specific object type.

Properties Screen

The Properties Screen allows for you to change the properties of the four types of Visual objects. To access the Properties Screen:

  1. Select Properties from the Edit menu.
  2. Select the object(s) you want to change by single selection or using a selection window.
  3. Once the desired objects have been selected, right-click to display the Properties Screen.
To display the Properties for all objects of a specific type, just select Properties from the desired object state menu.

Visual Tutorial Files
The actual tutorial files that are used during a Visual training session are now available for download. To download these files:
  1. Go to the Instructional Videos page.
  2. Below the Tutorials section there is a folder called Visual Tutorial Files. Left-click this folder to download the files.

Activating Software
Once a software license has been purchased, the next step is to activate the software. To learn how to activate software:
  1. Go to the Instructional Videos page.
  2. Select the Activation link underneath Fundamentals to view the video.

Gotham 4-Inch Elevations®

Elevation® pendants from Gotham have inspired many architects and lighting specifiers to expand their horizons since the product introduction last year. This activity is really no surprise as the designer can select from a variety of sources and decorative touches that suit the space - all utilizing Gotham's exclusive Bounding Ray® optics and unique Candéo® and ICE® decorative downlights.

4-inch Elevation® pendants are the natural extension and complement to the existing 8-inch pendant family. Like its larger sibling, the 4-inch Elevations® pendant is all about design flexibility!

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