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Aiming Luminaires

Aiming a luminaire is a common task for exterior lighting projects that require floodlighitng for a sign or building facade. There are multiple ways to aim a luminaire in Visual. To learn how to aim a luminaire, go to the Instructional Videos page and select the "Luminaire: Aiming Luminaires" instructional video from the Advanced Topics section.

How do I use a license on another computer?

If you want to use an existing license on another computer, you must first deactivate (unlock) the license on the current computer. Please follow these instructions to deactivate a license:

  1. Launch the Visual Professional Edition program.
  2. Select either New Interior File or New Exterior File to enter into the program.
  3. Click on the Help menu and select Deactivate.
  4. Select Deactivate Visual Professional Edition from screen and follow the instructions.

Once you have deactivated the license, you can reactivate on another computer with Internet or Phone Activation.

Training and Support

The Training and Support sections provide assistance with technical support issues and access to to instructional videos for Visual. To access this information, go to and follow these instructions:

From the Support section:
  1. Click on the Search link
  2. Click on FAQ to find answers to commonly asked questions.
  3. Click on HowTo to find answers on how to use Visual.
  4. Click on Bug to find solutions to known issues and error messages.
From the Training section:
  1. Click on the Instructional Videos link.
  2. Click on the desired instructional video link to watch and listen to a training video

Peerless Parallels Fixtures: Winner of Best New Product, Light Fair International, 2006

Parallels fixtures are a pure expression of light. No cables, no wiring, no housings, no integral ballasts. Devoid of such conventional trappings, Peerless’s latest innovation offers a striking departure from the office lighting mainstream. T5 high-output lamps, powered via elegant extruded strut and yoke, are encased in tandem luminous bodies providing a slim, sophisticated form harmonious with contemporary high-end interiors. The light quality is extraordinary, raising indirect/direct lighting to an ultimate level of refinement. The parallel spacing of lamps lowers brightness ratios, providing a calmer environment than row-mounted systems. ExclusiveGrateOptic™ technology casts a pleasing light-and-dark linear pattern down the length of the diffuser while effectively softening the source for optimal comfort. Advanced indirect optics bathe the space with soft, uniform, virtually glare-free illumination.