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We want to hear from you! Visual 2.5 was released on April 17, 2006, and we would like to get your feedback on the new features. Please take a moment and send your comments to

Changing Ceiling Height

When creating a structure, you may have forgotten to enter the desired ceiling height or a change in the design requires you to change the ceiling height. To change the ceiling height of an existing structure:

  1. Go to an elevation view (i.e. West view).
  2. Click on the Modify menu and select Scale.
  3. Select the “XYZ” button located at the bottom of the Design Environment.
  4. In the “Scale Z” field, enter the desired scale factor - this is the desired height divided by the existing height. (Tip: You also can enter the desired height/existing height to let Visual calculate the scale factor i.e. 30/20)
  5. Use a selection window to select the object(s) you want to scale.
  6. Select a base point from which to scale the object.

Design Not Displayed in the Print Editor

Drawings imported into Visual Professional Edition with an origin located at very large X, Y coordinates can prevent drawings from being displayed in the Print Editor - An example of a very large X, Y coordinate is when the bottom, left-hand coordinates of a design are located at X=500,000 and Y=1,500,000.

When very large X, Y coordinates prevent drawings from showing up in the Print Editor, the issue can be resolved by moving the drawing closer to X=0, Y=0. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Modify menu, select Move .
  2. Select the entire design with a selection window. (Tip: You also can select the entire design by pressing the letter L on the keyboard)
  3. Select a Base Point at the bottom left-hand corner of the design.
  4. Enter a Destination Point of 0, 0 in the Command Line. To view the instructional video for moving designs closer to 0, 0 inside of Visual, click on the instructional video link:

    Illustrations : How to resolve an Illustration not visible in the Print Editor.

    WSQ: Decorative Quarter Sphere Wall-Mounted Lighting

    As the latest addition to the Architectural Sconce Series, the Quarter Sphere shape offers another aesthetic choice in our line of decorative building mounted products. Designed with versatility and performance in mind, the Quarter Sphere sconce enables precise light placement with the choice of three downlight distributions and offers the added flexibility of lens-down or lens-up mounting.

    Precisely engineered to accommodate low wattage HID lamps up to 175-watts as well as compact fluorescent sources, the new shape utilizes premium die-cast aluminum construction in a classic design to complement a variety of building architectures. In addition to the familiar features of textured finishes, decorative reveals and other key options found in the Architectural Sconce Series, the Quarter Sphere sconce meets the standards for IES full cutoff and offers optional emergency capabilities.

    For more details about the WSQ, select the links below.


    Specification Sheets and Photometric Files