Visual Newsletter
New Release Available- Visual 2.5

Visual 2.5 has many new features to make you more productive and is now available for download. Visual 2.5 is a free upgrade for existing Visual users.

You can download Visual 2.5 (2.05.0000) by clicking this link:

The most requested feature from the Visual Customer Survey was improved zooming and panning. You asked and the Visual Development Team delivered. Several features were added to provide a smooth transition from AutoCAD to Visual. Below is an overview of all the new features and improvements in Visual 2.5.

New Navigation Commands
  • Dynamic Zoom
    Scroll the Mousewheel on your mouse to dynamically zoom in and out.
  • Dynamic Pan
    Click the Mousewheel and move your mouse to perform a dynamic pan. (You may need to configure your MouseWheel to execute a mouse-click). If you do not have a MouseWheel you can hold the Shift key and the left mouse button while you move your mouse to perform a dynamic pan.
  • Dynamic 3D Orbit
    Hold the Ctrl key and the left mouse button while move your mouse to perform a dynamic 3D Orbit. Move left to right to change the horizontal view; move up and down to change the vertical view.

New Modify Commands
  • Join Command
    You can select Arcs, Lines, and Polylines to generate new polylines or polygons. The new polylines or polygons can then be used to model more complex objects.
    View a demonstration video...
  • Group Command
    You can select Solid objects to be part of a group of objects. Grouped Solid objects are easier to copy and move.
    View a demonstration video...
  • Flatten Command
    You can select Background objects to instantly change all Z coordinates to Z = 0, useful for imported DWG/DXF drawings.
    View a demonstration video...

Customize the Keyboard
You can now customize your keyboard to execute commands in Visual. From the Tools menu, select Customize to display the Customize screen. From the Customize screen, simply select a Visual command from the list and then press the key(s) to be assigned to that command. Details...

Updated Roadway Lighting Tool
The Roadway Lighting Tool calculations were updated based on changes to RP-08-00. To review the errrata to RP-08-00 click this link:

  • Improved Extend and Trim commands when working with circles and arcs.
  • Updated user interface for the Design Environment and Print Editor.
  • View the Readme file to see additional enhancements and bug fixes.

Printing to PDF

The Visual Support Center continues to receive questions on printing Visual results to a PDF format. We have included this article again to assist our customers. Printing to PDF in Visual can be as simple as printing to a regular printer. All you need is a PDF converter. Installing a PDF converter and printer driver will not interfere with other PDF generation software such as Adobe Distiller.

There are several free and inexpensive solutions available on the Web. For example, PDF995 offers a PDF printer driver and PDF converter that you can use for free with ad support, or purchase ad-free at a nominal price. To print from Visual using PDF995, first download and install the PDF995 printer driver, then download and install the PDF converter. Once you have both installed, you can then choose PDF995 as your printer in the Print Editor of Visual. The PDF converter and print driver for PDF995 is available on their Web site at

Introducing the Aeris™ Flood Luminaire

The Aeris Flood luminaire is the new standard in architectural floodlighting from Lithonia Outdoor. The Aeris Flood delivers a complete floodlighting solution, incorporating top-of-the-line optical performance and superior construction into a flood design that compliments and completes the Aeris Architectural Outdoor family. The Aeris Flood shares Aeris family aesthetic details, yet remains subtle enough to blend with any architecture as well as many fixture platforms.

This new flood provides a quality mechanical design in two housing sizes and provides a broad selection of wattages and sources. Aeris Flood optics provide designers with a unique ability to match optical performance with specific lighting needs. With a combined total of 15 beam patterns to choose from in small and large housings and a wide variety of shielding and glare control accessories, Aeris Flood optics allow for precise lighting control specifically suited to the application.

Select the links below for more details about the Aeris Floodlight and the Aeris Architectural Outdoor Family.