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Changing Luminaire Mounting Heights
After placing luminaires in your lighting design, you may need to change the mounting height to meet a design requirement. For example, you want to evaluate the change in lighting levels with a different mounting height. Instead of deleting the luminaires and starting over, you can simply change the mounting height for existing luminaires:
  1. Click on the Edit menu and then Properties.
  2. Left-click to select the first point of a selection window. Move your mouse to create a selection window around the luminaires to be changed.
  3. Left-click again to complete the selection window (the selected luminaires will now be highlighted in red).
  4. Right-click to complete the selection process. After right-clicking, the Properties window will appear.
  5. From the Luminaire tab, enter a new mounting height in the Location section.
  6. To finish, select OK
  7. To verify the change to the mounting height, select an elevation view. Move your mouse cursor to the bottom of a luminaire and verify the Z coordinate location.

Importing and Exporting Luminaire Schedules

You can save a luminaire schedule to use for other lighting designs. For example, if you typically design office spaces, schools and warehouses you can save a luminaire schedule for each project. Instead of having to locate the photometry file each time for these projects, you can import a saved luminaire schedule into the Visual Luminaire Schedule.

To export a Visual Schedule file from the Luminaire Schedule:
  1. From the Luminaire menu, select Schedule.
  2. In the Luminaire Schedule, select Export from the toolbar.
  3. The Save Schedule File As window will appear. Enter a filename and specify a location to save the file and click on Save.
  4. The schedule file will be saved with a .VSC extension.
To import a Visual Schedule file into the Luminaire Schedule:
  1. From the Luminaire menu, select Schedule.
  2. In the Luminaire Schedule, select Import from the toolbar.
  3. The Select a Schedule File window will appear. Click on the file to import and select Open (the file must have a .VSC extension in order to import it into the luminaire schedule).
  4. Select OK to finish.

Introducing I-BEAM Fluorescent High Bay Lighting

The I-BEAM™ System featuring T5HO Cool Running™ Technology combines high ambient operation with the reliability, energy efficiency and lighting quality of fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting has long been the benchmark for delivering reliable and efficient lighting in commercial spaces. Now those same benefits translate to distribution centers, warehouses, industrial/manufacturing facilities and retail spaces.

The I-BEAM System with Cool Running™ Technology is the first T5HO fluorescent high bay that is UL/C-UL Listed to operate in environments up to 65ºC, and features an industry-leading, five-year warranty up to 55ºC and a three-year warranty up to 65ºC. I-BEAM delivers up to 50% in energy savings over 400 watt metal halide, and also maintains designed light levels over the life of the system by using advanced optical control.

Select the links below for more details about the I-BEAM Fluorescent High Bay Lighting.

Specification Sheets and Photometric Files