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Room Dimensions

Length [X]   ft
Width [Y]   ft
Height [Z]   ft
Workplane   ft
Ceiling Type

Room Reflectances

Ceiling   %
Walls   %
Floor   %


Illuminance fc
Power Density W/ft²


Spacing X   [SC=14.1] ft
Spacing Y   [SC=12] ft

Calculation Results   [ A ]

Illuminance 35  fc
Power Density 0.58  W/ft²
Quantity 6

Spacing Results    [ A ]

Spacing 10 x 10  ft
Arrangement 3 x 2
Outside Spacing X 4.54  ft
Outside Spacing Y 3  ft


Dimensions Room Layout
Show Zonal Cavity Info [+]
Coefficient of Utilization 0.6

Floor Cavity

Height 2.5 ft
Cavity Ratio 1.04
Form Factor 0.82
Effective Reflectance 19.2 %

Room Cavity

Height 9.5 ft
Cavity Ratio 3.96
Form Factor 0.49

Ceiling Cavity

Height 0 ft
Cavity Ratio 0
Form Factor 1
Effective Reflectance 80 %
Project Information
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Lithonia Lighting
[ ] - L 2 32
Light Loss Factor Symbol Shape Lamp Quantity
Suspension Length Symbol Length Lumens Per Lamp
Orientation Symbol Width Wattage

The Visual Interior Tool is designed to perform lumen method calculations on a rectangular room. The lumen method determines average illuminance achieved on the workplane using a derived property of luminaire photometrics and room geometry called the coefficient of utilization. The lumen method operates under the following assumptions

Because the lumen method provides an average illuminance, point values for calculations might vary considerably. Please use the professional addition of Visual for full lighting analysis.

Values calculated during the zonal cavity method are shown in the collapsible panel below the Display settings. These values are provided to help those curious about how the zonal cavity method works see the intermediary values that must be calculated in order to perform the calculation. For more information on the lumen method / zonal cavity method consult the IESNA Lighting Handbook.

If you have any questions not answered by the tutorial video, or comments on the Interior Tool email

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