The instructional videos are comprised of tutorials and demonstrations to provide answers to common technical support questions. Audio narration is included in the instructional videos.

Basic Visual Tutorials
Getting Started
Changing Views
Object Types and Object States
Object Snaps
Selecting Objects
Constructing Simple Shapes
Basic Edition and Lumen Method Tool
Roadway Lighting Tool
Warehouse Tutorial P1 (Professional Edition)
Warehouse Tutorial P2 (Professional Edition)
Visual Tutorial Files
Advanced Topics
Calculation Zone : Masking
Calculation Zone : Power Density Zones
Calculation Zone : Reversing Normal
Construct: A-frame Structure
Construct: Constructing rooms inside a structure
Construct: Dome Structure
Construct: Polygonal Room with Sloped Ceiling
Construct: Simple Sloped Structure
Construct: Sloped Surface with an Angle
Sensors: Placing Sensors
RELOC: How to Place RELOC into VSL File
Luminaire : Aiming luminaires
Luminaire : Changing Luminaire Types
Luminaire : Labeling luminaires
Luminaire : Orienting luminaires
Luminaire : Re-aiming luminaires
Luminaire : Turning on Photometric Webs
Luminaire : Using Arrays
Modify: Flatten Command
Modify: Group Command
Modify: Join Command
Modify: Scaling an imported DXF/DWG file
Design Tools
Area Tool
Interior Tool
Economic Basic
Economic Advanced
Dropbox Integration
Template Tool
Floodlight / Wallwash Tool
Photometric Tool
Roadway Tool
Known Issues
Illustrations : How to resolve an Illustration not visible in the Print Editor.