How do I login to my Visual account?

With the release of Visual 2012, all Acuity Brands employees will need to login to their Visual account at www.visual-3D.com with their network id.

You must have an Agile account before your network id will be recognized.

  1. Open an internet browser to access the SSO portal https://sso.acuitybrands.com
  2. Click on Acuity Help Desk (Cherwell)
  3. Click on IT Help Desk
  4. In Account Permissions section, click on Agile Permissions
  5. Enter a Description (Request an Agile account to be created for purposes of signing into your Visual account).
  6. Include Network ID in description before submitting request.

Note: If your Visual account email address is not the same as your work email address then a new Visual account will be automatically created for you.

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