7.1 Luminaire Schedule

The Luminaire Schedule Editor allows for the creation and manipulation of the definitions of Luminaire Types to be placed in the Design Environment. The schedule is a spreadsheet format that allows for manipulation of text fields, symbols, and other parameters.

The Luminaire Schedule Editor is accessed from the Luminaire tab. Alternately, the Schedule button can be found in the Luminaire panel of the Home tab.



All necessary commands are included in the Toolbar located at the top of the Luminaire Schedule Editor. Some commands can be executed with multiple luminaires selected.



Left-clicking an entry in the Schedule Window will highlight it in yellow indicating it is the Active Item with respect to command buttons. Holding the Ctrl key while left-clicking additional entries will select multiple luminaires.


The window can be sized like any other Windows-based application with click-drag operations on corners and window edges. Scroll bars allow for all luminaires and their data to be shown.


Specific usage and commands are discussed in this chapter.  Content changes are passed to the Print Editor so Luminaire Types are defined identically in both places and the schedule is the same.