7.2 Luminaire Editor

The Luminaire Symbol is a graphical model used to communicate the physical properties of the Luminaire and the associated components.

To open the Luminaire Editor, move the mouse pointer over the Symbol field of a Luminaire Type in the Luminaire Schedule Editor. The Symbol field will become a button. Left-click on the button to launch the Luminaire Editor.



The Luminaire Editor provides flexibility in constructing and modifying a Symbol to allow for multiple colors and configurations.

The Luminaire Editor contains two tabs, both of which contain a view pane and multiple panels for parameter definition:

- The Symbol Tab configures what is displayed in the Wireframe Display Mode.

- The Model Tab configures what is displayed when Shaded and Rendered modes are important and may therefore not be necessary for certain projects or certain users. See Display Modes for more information.



Visual populates the Luminaire Editor with information relevant to the data in the photometric file. A Symbol of appropriate size and shape will be chosen by Visual based on the luminous dimensions (in feet) recorded in the photometric test. For example, a 2ft x 4ft troffer might be 1.92ft x 3.92ft. Note: Visual cannot account for poor photometric tests that have incorrect dimensions, incorrect shape indicators, or other issues. See the IESNA publication LM-63 for information about dimensions in *.IES files.

The Symbol chosen is an indicator only. Visual performs calculations based on the luminous dimensions in the files associated with each Luminaire Type.