6.8 Explode

The Explode command allows connected objects to be un-Grouped (for Solid Objects) or un-Joined (for Background Objects). Objects like Rooms, Structures, and Polygons are pre-connected upon construction. It may be desirable to break this connection to Erase or otherwise modify one of the sub-objects.

The Explode command can be found on the Modify tab of the Ribbonbar.



To Explode an object, select the object(s) to be Exploded by left-clicking or using a window selection method.



Right-click to end object selection and Explode the objects. In most cases, the explosion will not be immediately obvious. At right, note that a single surface of the Solid Object Room and the long sides of a Background Rectangle can be individually selected, whereas above, prior to the explosion, the entire Room and Rectangle where selected with a single left-click on each.



The Background Objects: Polylines, Rectangles, and Polygons can be Exploded.



The Solid Objects: Room, Structure, and Grouped objects can be Exploded.



See Group and Join for methods of connecting objects.