6.17 Pull

The Pull command is effectively the same as the Extrude command with the exception that the Extrusion/Pull distance is specified with the mouse, the keyboard or Object Snap. Pull only operates on Solid Objects.

The Pull command is found on the Modify tab of the Ribbonbar.



To use the Pull command, select the objects to be manipulated by left-clicking. Right-click or press Enter to proceed.



Visual will automatically begin Pulling the object by attaching the farthest extent to the mouse crosshairs. Note that Pulling only occurs perpendicular to the plane of the Solid Object chosen, with the positive direction of Pull being in the direction of the Surface Normal. Moving the mouse shows the implied Pulled shape.



Left-click the mouse to choose the desired distance. Note that keyboard input is valid in that a distance can be input; to Pull 10 units, enter "10" at the command line. Input of direction information via the "<angle" method is not valid.



Pull only applies to Background Objects and Solid Objects.