6.13 Join

The Join command allows Background Line and Polylines to be connected. This can allow for collective editing of Properties, use of Modify commands, or in complex projects, a cleaner model.

The Join command can be found on the Modify tab of the Ribbonbar.



To Join objects, select the desired objects by left-clicking or using a window selection method.



Right-click the mouse or press Enter to end object selection and automatically complete the command.



Lines or Polylines must touch and cannot cross at vertices. The level of Zoom may indicate a viable vertex when one does not actually exist. The command will not change the length of base objects; Extend and Trim must be used to "clean up" the base objects.



Objects of different Color and Line Width will be made the Color and Line Width of the object with the highest Polyline Number. The number of any Polyline can be found with the Properties command. After Joining, the resultant Polyline can be modified with Properties if desired.



The Join command only applies to Background Objects. See Group for the analog command for Solid Objects.