4.2 Design Manager

The Design Manager provides quick access to all objects in the lighting model in a floating dialog.

The Design Manager is opened by clicking the button in the Tools panel of the Home tab of the Ribbonbar the button in the Windows sub-menu of the Tools tab.



The Design Manager dialog is always on top of the Design Environment window and can be repositioned with a left-click-drag motion of the title bar as with all Windows applications.

The number after each main entry is the quantity of that type currently placed in the model.

Each section (branch of the tree structure) is opened and closed by either double-left-clicking the branch names or clicking the "+" and "-" buttons.

The Design Manager is closed by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the dialog.



To identify an element in the model, left-click the name of an object. Visual will highlight the object in red in the Design Environment, just as in any other selection process.

The Properties tab of the Sidebar will be populated with the parameters for the selected object for verification or modification.



Clicking a Calculation Zone name will highlight the zone in the Design Environment.



Power Zones involve both luminaire and an attributed area, so both are included. This allows for easy verification of the luminaires included in a Power Zone calculation. Clicking the zone name highlights the attributed area in the Design Environment. Clicking the Luminaire name highlights the Luminaire in the Design Environment.



The Luminaires section includes all Luminaires placed in the Design Environment. Clicking a Luminaire name highlights the Luminaire in the Design Environment.



The Luminaire Types section shows all Luminaires defined in the Luminaire Schedule and the sub-branch shows each Luminaire placed in the Design Environment. This provides the same functionality as the Luminaires branch but with different organization. Clicking a Luminaire Type name has no function. Clicking a Luminaire name highlights the Luminaire in the Design Environment.



Solids are grouped in the Design Manager if they are grouped in the Design Environment; i.e. Rooms and Structures will be shown by the names given to them upon creation and Solids will be shown below that object name.

Clicking a Solid name highlights that Solid in the Design Environment.

Individually created Solids will be shown without a Collapse/Expand button since it is a single entity and has no sub-branches in the tree; e.g. "Divider" shown at right.

The number of Solids in each Group is shown after the Group name.



Since Background objects are for reference, they are not displayed in the Design Manager.