4.1 Audit

The Audit command is located on the File menu. An Audit is performed before each Calculation and provides feedback related to known and possible problems with the lighting model. Audit results do not preclude a calculation from being performed; results are an alert that the calculation result may not be what was expected.

An Audit can be performed without a calculation by executing the command from the File menu.



If Visual finds no issues, a pop-up is displayed.



If issues are found, Visual displays a notification bar at the top of the Design Window. Clicking the View Audit Results button initiates the Audit Results dialog. Clicking an entry will highlight the objects related to the issue in the Design Environment.



To identify an element in the Audit, left-click the name of an object. Visual will highlight the object in red in the Design Environment, just as in any other selection process.

The Properties tab of the Sidebar will be populated with the parameters for the selected object for verification or modification.

The Audit Results dialog is closed by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the dialog.



Visual provides different symbols for the various issues that can be analyzed.



Possible Problem issues:

Audit Message


Luminous Dimensions Conflict

A luminaire symbol and its luminous dimensions are different

Luminaires Intersect

Multiple luminaires are detected to overlap

Luminaire Intersects a Surface

A luminaire intersects a surface

Incorrect Luminaire Mounting

A luminaire has luminous surfaces on or behind the mounting surface

Possible Information issues:

Audit Message


Invisible Objects

Objects that participate in the lighting calculation are on invisible layers

Objects Intersect

A closed room or object intersects or overlaps another closed room or object

Luminaire Outside Project Extents

A luminaire may be outside of the project extents

Calculation Zone Not Illuminated

A calculation zone is inside an unilluminated closed room or object

Surfaces Intersect

A surface is intersecting another surface

Identical Surface

A surface is identical to another surface

Possible Critical issues:

Audit Message


Duplicate Luminaires

Multiple luminaires are detected at the same location

Large Drawing Coordinates

Drawing coordinates are too large to perform a calculation. Move the entire drawing closer to 0,0.

The Audit tool does not ensure that the lighting model is free of errors or that the resultant calculation is "correct" given the many possible intents of user input. It is ultimately the responsibility of the user to ensure the lighting model approximates reality in an appropriate way.